Jobsite Radios reviews

Best Jobsite Radios For The Money: Reviews by Industry Experts (2020)

Over the years, our good old scientists have conducted lots of research to find out what effect music has on the human brain and guess what the findings are?

Music is a great source of motivation and a great boost to performance at work. Studies show that the folks who listen to music while working are more efficient at what they do and amazingly, they also tend to be more satisfied with their work.

As a matter of fact, one study, labelled ‘The Effect of Music Listening on Work Performance’, and conducted by the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research, showed that there is a strong relationship between music, productivity at work, and mood than most people tend to imagine.

Therefore, whether you are a welder attempting to repair a customer’s head gasket or an accountant trying to reconcile bank statements in an office somewhere, music will definitely be helpful. And, with regards to that, a jobsite radio will come in handy.

Today, I will be telling you about the best jobsite radios on the market today. I will also tell you about their benefits, how to take care of them, how to find the right ones, and more info you can’t afford to miss out on. Without any further ado, let’s delve in.

Why jobsite radios?

Maybe you’re tired of listening to the sounds that driller (or whatever other construction tool you’re using) makes all day. Well then, it’s time to get an outstanding worksite radio.

As we have already seen, a jobsite radio improves speed and satisfaction with work. It’s just like adding spices to food; music spices up the work, making tasks easier to accomplish. Later, we shall elucidate the benefits of having a jobsite radio further but for now, how about I show you our top picks?

Though the criteria used to select these picks will be elaborated in the buying guide section, I assure you that they are the best in the market. Performance, durability, and sound quality are some of the features used to rate them.

Our 10 Best Jobsite Radio Reviews 2020

1. DEWALT DCR018 18V/12V/20V MAX Compact Worksite Radio

Some of the aspects you have got to consider when looking for a jobsite radio include versatility, portability, and weight. The reason as to why we’re kicking off our review with the DEWALT DCR018 Worksite Radio is that it offers you the best of these aspects.

Let’s talk about versatility first. This jobsite radio is versatile in virtually all of its functionality. To start with, you can power the radio either by use of alternating/direct current (AC/DC) or by batteries.

That means that even if your job site has no wall outlets, you can charge a couple of batteries at home and use them when you get to work. Also, if the batteries are dead and there’s a wall outlet, you can listen to radio.

And, about the batteries, this jobsite radio model supports almost all the major brands. That includes 18V lithium-ion, 18V NiCad, 12V MAX, or other Dewalt batteries.

Jobsites are a harsh place for electronics, with dust, falling objects, accidents, and other unfavorable situations. But, with the DEWALT DCR018 Worksite Radio, you need not worry about that. Why?

The radio is designed with a built-in storage box for protection of the electronic components against dust, debris, and shock.

As you will learn later in the buying guide, a jobsite radio’s user interface is critical; it makes the difference between easy-to-use and hard-to-use. Fortunately, the DEWALT DCR018 Worksite Radio is one of the easiest to use models in the market.

That’s because it has a digital tuner, an LCD display, and 5 FM/AM presets. And by the way, the LCD display incorporates a clock to help you keep accurate track of time as you work.

Need to be able charge your mobile phone through the radio? Well, as long as it is USB-compatible, you can connect it to this radio and charge it. Through the same connection, you can play the music on your device. While using it to charge your devices, the radio has to be connected to wall outlet.

Now, let’s talk a little about portability. This aspect goes hand in hand with the item’s weight. The DEWALT DCR018 Worksite Radio weighs just 6 pounds. That’s light enough for you to carry from place to place, right?

Lastly, perhaps you should know that this construction radio is a powerful one. Its speaker is 4-inch and full range. Moreover, with its type AB amplifier, the sound quality is unmatched.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Derives power from either batteries or directly from the wall outlet
  • check Supports most batteries including 18V lithium-ion, 18V NiCad, 12V MAX
  • check Built-in storage box for protection against debris and dust
  • check Uses a 4-inch speaker along with a type AB amplifier for exceptional sound quality
  • check Lightweight – just 6 pounds
  • check 5 FM/AM presets

2. Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger

What if you work in an outdoor area where the radio has almost no protection from harsh weather conditions?

By going for the Bosch PB360S, you have nothing to worry about as it’s designed for weather resistance.This radio has an integrated subwoofer for the production of high-quality, enhanced stereo sound in 360° with a sound output of more than 25 watts.

If you need a worksite radio with a high number of presets, then this is the radio for you. would you believe that it has 10 AM presets and 20 FM presets? Moreover, the radio comes with a custom equalizer interface where you can set your preferred bass and treble.

If your workplace is full of perils for electronics, and you’re worried that a radio will get damaged within the first few days of being there, then I will ask you to go for the Bosch PB360S. This jobsite radio has a roll cage that effectively keeps it safe from harm.

This beast runs either on direct power from the socket or on 14.4V to 18V Li-Ion batteries of the Bosch brand. And fortunately, the radio has a built-in charger for charging batteries.

Want to play music from external devices? There’s a slot for SD and MMC cards as well as a USB port. Apart from that, there are 2 auxiliary inputs for your portable satellite receivers or CD and Mp3 players.

Highlighted Features:

  • check 360° stereo sound
  • check 4 speakers and a powerful subwoofer
  • check Roll cage for protection against harsh conditions
  • check 10 AM and 20 FM presets
  • check Equalizer settings
  • check Digital tuner
  • check Supports USB, SD, and auxiliary connections
  • check Charges batteries

3. Makita XRM04B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Bluetooth Job Site Radio

If you’re one of those people who love being in full control, the Makita XRM04B would be an awesome pick. It features more settings than most other models, allowing you to define your preferences with regards to FM stereo/mono, volume, clock, and snooze.

The Makita XRM04B is not just about plentiful settings. It has 2 robust 3.5-inch side-firing speakers that deliver a rich sound. You can either listen to the radio’s channels or connect an MP3 player, as the radio is MP3-compatible, with an auxiliary port for MP3.

About the power, you have two options. The first one is using Makita’s pod-style and slide-style batteries (7.2V to 18V). The 18V Lithium-Ion battery gives you 20 full hours without a need to recharge. If you don’t want to use the batteries, you can use the power cord to get power directly from the socket.

By the by, Makita’s line of batteries consists of some of the batteries that charge the fastest. In just a few hours, they’re full and ready for use.

If your job is full of harsh conditions that endanger a radio, the Makita XRM04B is well suited for you. It is engineered with water-resistance features and protective bumpers to hold up to worksite perils like dust and impact.

The radio’s sturdy construction goes a long way in ensuring its durability.

As a brand, Makita is known for taking care of their customers exceptionally. Regarding that, they produce very reliable, defect-free products and have very straightforward and dependable warranty policies. For instance, if you discover that there’s something wrong with the product, you just return it within 30 days and get a repair, replacement or refund.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Upfront warranty policy
  • check Numerous settings for full control by the user
  • check 2 robust, side-firing speakers for fine audio output
  • check Resistant to water, dust, and impact
  • check Fast-charging batteries
  • check Constructed for maximum durability
  • check Supports Bluetooth music playback

Watch this video to know more about this product:

4. DEWALT DC012 7.2-Volt-18-Volt Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio/Charger

Signal reception either makes a radio great or obsolete. One of the aspects that makes the DEWALT DC012 Worksite Radio great and worth of being in this list is its dual pivoting versatile antenna with a length of 11 inches. The design and length of this antenna make signal reception a breeze, enabling you to listen to your favorite channels seamlessly.

Speakers are what you’re interested in, and no matter how good a radio looks, it can’t be of much use if its speakers don’t produce the quality of sound you need. The DEWALT DC012 Worksite Radio’s speakers are of very good quality and if you love bass, then you don’t need to look for any other radio. Its speakers are designed with 2 bass ports, which push the bass and range to the maximum.

These speakers are not just very efficient; they are also weather resistant.

I bet you’d love to connect your devices to the radio and play external media. If so, the DEWALT DC012 Worksite Radio has got you covered. It has auxiliary ports for linkage with satellite receivers and MP3 and CD players. All you need is a USB cable.

Bothered about the life of your batteries?

Don’t be. This radio comes with a Dewalt brand charging system that not only maximizes the run-time of the batteries but also extends their life.

Highlighted Features:

  • check FM/AM digital tuner with an LCD display
  • check 15-channel memory presets
  • check Built-in clock
  • check Highly effective weather-resistant speakers
  • check 11-inch versatile antenna for flawless signal reception
  • check A weight of 14.45 pounds
  • check Charges Dewalt battery packs
  • check Runs on Dewalt batteries or direct power from the outlet
  • check Can play the media on external devices via a USB connection

5. Milwaukee 2890-20 18V Dual Chemistry M18 Jobsite Radio with Shock Absorbing End Caps

When a jobsite is able to charge your mobile devices, that’s good. But, when it’s able to keep them safe while charging, that’s great. This is just what the Milwaukee 2890-20 does.

The radio has a special onboard compartment at the back where you can keep your smartphone as it charges. The compartment is designed with a 2.1 A USB port where you can insert a USB cable.

The Milwaukee 2890-20 is built to last. In that regard, it has rubberized end caps for absorbing shock from impacts at the work site.

This beast’s digital tuner provides you with ten presets for AM/FM. This allows you and your workmates to save your favorite channels for quick access.

I suppose a unit with a stackable design would be very convenient for you. This unit has a rectangular shape that sits flush in bags and boxes. The radio’s design allows you to stack other supplies and tools on top for easy transportation.

Wondering what batteries to use with this unit? It is compatible with Milwaukee’s line of lithium ion batteries, including 48-11-1850, 48-11-1840, and more.

A fold-out antenna gives the radio improved reception. With inferior radio models, you can’t help worrying about the antenna snapping and even with careful handling, the antenna snaps sooner or later. But with the Milwaukee 2890-20, you can rest assured that the antenna’s robust construction will make it last the radio’s life.

The sound quality of this unit’s speakers is remarkable and even better, the speakers are able to hold out to impacts very efficiently. The rubberized caps are very effective in ensuring there’s plentiful shock resistance.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Robust, fold-out antenna
  • check Rubberized end caps for protection against impact
  • check High sound quality
  • check An onboard compartment for safeguarding devices while they charge
  • check 10 FM/AM presets
  • check Stackable design for easy transportation

6. DEWALT DCR015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger with Radio

The DEWALT DCR015 is yet another jobsite radio that charges your phone or any other mobile device through a USB port. This radio has a 2.1A USB port at the back that not only charges your devices but also makes it possible to play music from them.

Apart from the weather-resistant speakers, the DEWALT DCR015 features full-range tweeters and woofers, weather-resistant speakers, and a class D amplifier. These components collectively offer you awesome sound quality and a long run time.

With its rugged design, the radio is able to take on the rigors of the work site. It even has a roll cage that acts as an ultimate fortification against impact.

Besides, the unit is fitted with a storage box for protection of the electronic gears from dust and debris.

The best thing is, it has handy digital controls along with advanced functions for simple, reliable operation. There is a convenient green LCD display to make it easy for you to operate the radio in dark work sites and again, there’s a light bar that indicates the charging status so you know when to unplug the charging cable.

Portability is a vital aspect as you’ll probably not keep the radio in one place permanently. Perhaps, you will take it home with you for storage after work and carry it back to the job site in the morning. Weighing at just 13 pounds, this radio is relatively easy to move from place to place.

Warranty is an aspect that some folks forget to take into consideration even though it’s very important. You’ll be pleased to learn that the radio is covered by a 3-year warranty and a year of free service. The money-back guarantee lasts 90 days.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Charges Dewalt’s 12V and 20V MAX batteries
  • check Improved sound quality with a class D amplifier and woofers
  • check Weather-resistant speakers
  • check Green LCD display for easy digital tuning
  • check 3-year warranty
  • check USB and auxiliary ports for connection with external media devices
  • check Quick charge time for batteries – 90 minutes or less

7. ION Portable Heavy-Duty Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker System with AM/FM Radio & Dual AC Power Outlets

This one’s for those who hate wire connections. If you want to be able to play music wirelessly from a Bluetooth device, then the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus is perfect for you.

The radio allows you to stream audio tracks from Bluetooth mobile gadgets that are up to 100 feet away. If for one reason or the other you can’t use Bluetooth, the radio has an input plug that you can use to connect your phone for wired playback.

Wouldn’t you love a unit that is able to get power by any means possible? In addition to its 2 AC power outlets, the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus has a 12V power jack that makes it possible for you to get power from your car.

I know you want to be able to save your favorite stations. This construction radio makes that possible for you through 6 FM/AM presets.

Too many rough days at your job site? If you work in a busy garage, it’s highly likely that a hard and heavy object will hit your radio once in a while, no matter how much you try to avoid it.

But, with the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus, you have nothing to fret about. Even if the radio suffers impact, it has features to keep it safe from damage.

These features include corner bumpers, a full-length metal grill, and a craggy chrome-plated handle. The corner bumpers ward off dust and debris very effectually.

Portability has been considered in the manufacture of this unit. That’s why the unit is only 18 pounds heavy and again, the chrome-plated steel hanging loop makes carrying the radio a breeze.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Supports wireless playback via Bluetooth
  • check Powerful speaker with an output of 50 watts
  • check 12V power jack for procurement of power from your car
  • check Flexible rubberized antenna
  • check 6 AM/FM presets
  • check Up to 50 hours of constant use running on the built-in battery
  • check Chrome-plated carry handle for easy movement
  • check Microphone input – ¼ inch

8. Sangean BB-100SE AM / FM / BLUETOOTH / Aux-In / Ultra Rugged Rechargeable Digital Tuning Radio (Black/Blue) Special Edition

Here is another construction radio model that supports wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

A most notable aspect of this radio is its appearance. If you need something that portrays some sense of aesthetic value, this model will come in handy. It has a beautiful black/blue color combination.

Conserving the environment is our innate duty and when you use this unit, you are playing your part effectively. That’s because it is constructed from ABS plastic, which are known to be safe to the environment. This construction also makes the radio durable.

Working in a construction site? Such a place might be packed with perils for electronics but the impact-resistant nature of this radio makes it very suitable for you.

This radio is also well suited for outdoor job sites that have almost no protection against rains. That’s because its 5-inch speakers are resistant to water. These speakers are exceptional, producing high-quality full range sound that can be heard clearly in a noisy area.

There are three power options for this radio. You can either use its four rechargeable batteries, a power cord or a pack of alkaline batteries. The best thing is, the radio has a built-in battery charger for charging the batteries inside the radio.

The ION Audio Job Rocker Plus has 5 FM/AM presets allowing you to access your favorite stations quickly without having to perform a search. The radio’s craggy rotary volume control and tuning make the radio easy to operate.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth
  • check Water-resistant, high-grade speaker
  • check Protected by a roll cage
  • check Built-in battery charger
  • check LED indicator to show when the charging is complete
  • check Derives power from rechargeable C batteries, alkaline batteries, or a power cord

9. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Job-Site Radio 2590-20 (Tool Only)

Looking for the radio with the highest signal clarity and reception accuracy? The Milwaukee M12 2590-20 Job-Site Radio is the radio to get.

Its reception works excellently for both AM and FM modules, helping you enjoy radio flawlessly.

Now, you might have heard that China-made products are a little controversial with regards to quality, but this one, my friends, is quite different. It’s not only made of high-grade materials that make it long lasting and resistant to unfavorable weather conditions but it’s also very easy to use.

Regarding the ease of use, the unit is easily tunable with user-friendly controls.

For those who want to be able to play music from a smartphone or tablet or any other media device for that matter, this unit is ideal. It comes with ports for MP3 players, iPods, and other devices.

If you work near the sea, you might be a little worried, wondering how the radio will hold out against the humid conditions. well, don’t worry; the speakers are weather proof and resistant to water. These speakers are made of aluminum for improved sound quality.

Don’t have much space to keep a worksite radio? Don’t go for a big model; go for a compact model like the Milwaukee M12 2590-20 Job-Site Radio.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Easy to use
  • check Made from durable materials
  • check Fitted with aluminum speakers that are long-lasting and weatherproof
  • check Can be connected with a cable to external devices for music playback
  • check Rugged and resistant to worksite brutality
  • check Compact

10. Bosch PB360C Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Radio/Charger/Digital Media Stereo

How you would you like to play your mobile device’s music on a jobsite radio that is 150 feet away?

Yep, that’s exactly what the Bosch PB360C enables you to do. You can either stream internet radio or play the music that’s stored on your device via Bluetooth.

For those who don’t want to use Bluetooth, there’s a USB port for linkage with other devices via cable.

Maybe your job site is a garage. I believe the Bosch PB360C is the perfect job site radio you can buy, as it is a compact model that doesn’t take up too much space. Measuring just 14.5 by 14 by 13.5 inches, this radio will easily fit in a compacted garage.

The radio’s compact nature not only helps you save space but also turns out helpful when transporting it.

Want to be able to enjoy radio when it’s raining or snowing? Then you need a weather-resistant model like the Bosch PB360C. Moreover, its subwoofer and four-way speakers will ensure you hear the music or conversation even when the air is dense with fog or humidity.

Its speaker system is outstanding, producing a 360° (in all directions) rich stereo sound.

If you need a unit that’s immune from impact and other worksite dangers, the Bosch PB360C is very suitable. First, it has roll cage made of aluminum and rubber for the protection of the electronic parts. Then, its is crafted to be resistant to unfavorable weather.

About the power options, you can either plug the radio into a 120V outlet or use the Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion batteries.

Can I tell you something amazing about this unit? It has a 120V outlet that you can use to power your tools or other devices.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Bluetooth connectivity for streaming stored music or internet radio
  • check Connects wirelessly with devices that are up to 150 feet away
  • check Protective rubber/aluminum cage
  • check Runs on a 120V AC outlet or Bosch Lithium-Ion batteries
  • check A subwoofer and 4-way speakers for a 360° sound output

11. Milwaukee 2790-20 12-Volt to 28-Volt Jobsite Radio

I take it you wouldn’t hate having a job site stereo that gives you the versatility of either using AC or DC current. And not just that, the Milwaukee 2790-20 works with all the Milwaukee batteries from 12 volts to 28 volts.

Aside from that, this worksite radio has a unique digital tuner that facilitates a high degree of reception and signal clarity for both FM and AM bands.

Whenever you feel that what is being played by the radio stations is boring, the radio has an auxiliary port that you can use to link up your MP3 player or iPod and play the audio files you’ve stored there.

One of the best sides to this radio is its ability to receive signals. If you have used other models and had a problem with signal reception, I believe what you need is the Milwaukee 2790-20. Its reception is exquisite and the sound it produces is splendid; no signal noise.

Even when your site is noisy, this radio’s sound is still loud and clear enough. That is why I dab it the best construction radio.

Another very unique aspect about this unit is its sturdiness. If you search YouTube, you will see a video where they drop it off a building and afterwards, out of a moving car and it still works. Awesome, isn’t it?

Even though it probably isn’t wise to go dropping your radio off a building or a moving car intentionally, there’s one thing you can be sure of. The unit will be able to take a daily beating at work and still function excellently.

The versatility of this radio extends to the capability of being used outside the jobsite. It’s a perfect radio for keeping in your boat while fishing. Its water resistance nature keeps the water from damaging its parts and its lightweight quality helps you carry it with you wherever you go.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Suitable for use outside the jobsite
  • check Durable
  • check Easy to use
  • check Weather-resistant
  • check Steel construction for efficient shock absorption
  • check Fitted with a bottle opener
  • check Great sound output

12. Pyle jobsite radio Portable Heavy With Duty Wireless Bluetooth AM/FM Radio USB SD Card reader

Working in a very tough environment? Then this rugged jobsite radio will be helpful. First, it will help you make it through the day by keeping you entertained. Secondly, it will make it possible for you not to return to the shop for a jobsite radio. How so?

The radio has a rugged structure that offers heavy-duty fortification against jobsite hazards like falls, debris, and dropping objects. Its industrial shock-proof casing makes sure that all hazards are contained.

The radio’s speaker is robust and capable of producing a sound that is loud enough to be heard in a chaotic environment.

Thanks to the built-in battery, which is rechargeable by the way, the radio is very portable. If you for some reason, you can’t use the battery, you can derive the radio’s power directly from the socket through the power cord.

Bluetooth allows you to stream music wirelessly from your tablet, mobile phone, PC or any other device that supports Bluetooth connectivity within a range of 100 feet.

Obviously, apart from Bluetooth streaming, you can enjoy music through the FM/AM options. Another means of enjoying music with this radio is making a connection with a USB flash drive, an SD card or an Aux input for CD and MP3 players.

The USB port doubles up as a means for charging your mobile devices.

Not to forget that the speaker system offers you full range audio output.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Protective rubber frame for safety against impact
  • check Bluetooth streaming
  • check Connection with flash drives, CD players, MP3 players, etc.
  • check Digital LCD display for easy use
  • check A battery life of more than 6 hours
  • check Microphone input

13. Ridgid R84087 GEN5X 18-Volt Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

And here’s the last item in our list of the best jobsite radios for 2020, and I tell you, this item is quite exceptional.

We’re past the dawn of technology; we’re living in a time where there’s advanced technology, and where the rate of technological advancement is breathtaking. Maybe you have seen TVs that can be controlled from a phone; perhaps you even have one.

But, how about a jobsite radio that you can control right from your phone? This functionality is what makes the Ridgid R84087 GEN5X the most unique item in our list.

When you purchase this radio, you download the Ridgid radio app and use it to control your jobsite radio remotely using Bluetooth. This allows you to not only change the settings on the radio but also play music wirelessly.

Apart from that, the Ridgid R84087 GEN5X supports USB charging of devices. You can also use the USB port to play the music on your device via cable.

While charging your devices, you are able to keep them safe by placing them on the onboard phone-storage compartment.

The radio is also compatible with MP3 players.

With this radio, the power supply can be obtained from a wall outlet through a cord or from a Ridgid 18V battery.

Highlighted Features:

  • check Weather-resistant
  • check Onboard phone compartment for protection of devices while they charge
  • check Ridgid app for controlling the radio from a phone
  • check Supports a Bluetooth connection for wireless music streaming
  • check Power supply either from cord or a battery

With that aside, it’s about time I presented you with everything you need to know about jobsite radios, including how to choose those that fit you.

Let’s dive in.

What is Jobsite Radio Used For?

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts, a jobsite radio might be more than a luxury. Actually, it might be a necessity. Perhaps you work tirelessly for hours in your garage and maybe, all by yourself. Wouldn’t having some sort of companionship feel great?

Companionship is great but the distraction that comes with it needs to be as little as possible. And, when considering companionship with minimal distraction, what could be better than a jobsite radio?

Basically, a jobsite radio is used to offer entertainment and a sense of companionship to workers.

A construction site, a garage or an auto shop is not the best place for an ordinary radio. Think of what a heavy piece of metal would do to that radio you have at home. It would, without doubt, leave it in pieces, right? But with a construction radio, you have less to worry about as it is designed for harsh handling; it’s crafted with sturdy materials and protection gear to withstand shock.

How to Choose the Right job site radio: Buying Guide

Just like all other products, jobsite radios are not the same. Some will fall to pieces after being kicked around for a week or two, while some will remain good as new for years. Also, some are easy to carry around while others are bulky.

Here are the factors to consider to ensure that you get what absolutely fits your needs. These are the same factors we considered when composing the review of the best worksite radios.


One of the most important aspects to consider is the radio’s design, as that determines how well it will hold out to falls and bumps, which are very common in work sites. Generally, a construction radio ought to be a lot more robust than a regular radio.

You know the way armored cars are built to protect VIPs? That’s the same way the best models come with protective gear, like enclosures and corner guards to protect the radio system. Some models are even designed with roll cage bars to ensure they’re totally safe in the event of falls or in case something heavy drops on them.

Carry handles

Great jobsite radios are designed with the consideration that the radio won’t stay in one place constantly. A construction radio is likely to be moved around, and to make that easy, a carry handle is indispensable.

The finest models have a top-mounted carry handle that is easy to take hold of and carry. Of course, there are other types of carry handles, like the side-mounted ones, but these are found on smaller models most of the time. Bigger models have top-mounted carry handles as it’s more convenient.

User interface

In the work site, time is of the essence, correct? Therefore, you can’t afford to waste time trying to figure out how to boost the volume or change the station. A good construction radio is one that whose user interface is straightforward. And when we’re talking of user interface, we are referring to the display, the dials, and the buttons.

The buttons should be at an easily-visible and easily-accessible place. A backlight display would be very helpful particularly at night.


The jobsite radio’s fundamental duty is to receive FM and AM stations, and hence the signal reception needs to be excellent. A really amazing model is one that lets you shift the reception to mono to facilitate listening to weak stations without the annoying static noise.


A vast majority of jobsite radios will have a seek function (the one that looks for the available stations). However, only a few models have a scan function. The benefit of the scan function is that it not only looks for the available station but also remembers the found stations.

Connection to other devices

Most users find this to be a very crucial aspect. So, before you buy a construction radio, first find out if it allows you to play media from other gadgets like mp3 players, tablets, smartphones, CD players, and so on.

In connection to this factor, you might want to find out if the radio has a storage space or a compartment where you can keep other devices like phones and tablets.

Bluetooth connectivity

Like the previous point, this factor is all about connection with other devices for external media access. The only difference is that Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play the media on your device through your jobsite radio wirelessly.


You may want to know whether or not the radio makes it possible for you to set your preferred levels of bass and treble.

Types of jobsite radio

Jobsite radios are pretty much the same; what makes the most difference is quality. However, there are a couple of aspects that we can use to categorize them. These aspects include:


Based on power, there are two main types of jobsite radios:

i.Cordless jobsite radios

These are the worksite radios that are powered only by batteries. You cannot run them through a direct connection to a socket via a power cable.

ii.Dual-power jobsite radios

Dual power models are the ones that derive power from either a battery or a cord connection to a socket (AC/DC power). These radios are obviously more versatile, and thus better than the cordless ones.

2.Bluetooth connectivity

While considering this aspect, there are also two types of jobsite radios:

i.Bluetooth- compatible

These models can be connected with other devices like smartphones and tablets, making it possible to play music from these external devices wirelessly. These ones are much better as they enable you to play your mobile device’s music on the radio even when you don’t have a USB cable. The

Note: virtually all the new models have a USB port for a wired connection. The ION Audio Job Rocker Plus and the Bosch PB360C Power Box are some of the best work radios that support Bluetooth.


These units, on the other hand, cannot be connected to other devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. A good example is the DEWALT DCR018.

3. Material

Some worksite radios are made of plastic and some are made of materials like steel and aluminum.

But in most cases, the radio’s body is made of very hard plastic with enhancement from steel or aluminum. Most of the items on our product review are like this. I have mostly selected the ones that have a steel roll cage for efficient protection from impact.


Under equalization, there are 2 types:

i.Adjustable eq radios

Most jobsite radios fall under this category. They have a feature that allows you to boost or lower aspects like bass and treble.

ii.Radios with dedicated eq buttons

Other radios like the DEWALT DCR018 and the DCR012 come with a dedicated bass button. Makita jobsite radios normally have a loudness button that allows you to boost both treble and bass simultaneously.

The Bosch radios have 5 eq presets for rock, pop, classical, jazz, and a customizable setting. These functionalities are for those who do not want to keep fiddling with induvial eq settings

How to use and operate a job site radio

A jobsite radio is powerful with regards to signal reception and speaker output. Nonetheless, like any other appliance, the way you use it matters a lot and determines whether or not you will keep enjoying the radio for a long time.

Although different models are operated differently based on their specific features, the following common-place tips and strategies will help you use and operate your jobsite radio correctly.

Inserting and removing the battery pack:

  • To insert the battery pack, all you have to do is slide it into the bay.
  • Remove it by pulling it off the bay.

Charging the battery:

  • For battery-powered radios, there’s normally a low-battery indicator that flashes when battery needs recharging.
  • When the battery charge goes too low, some battery-powered jobsite radios are designed to shut down. This goes a long way in protecting the battery’s life.
  • Whenever this happens, remove the battery and charge it based on the instructions on your user manual.

Power outlet

Some worksite radios are able to charge other devices like smartphones through a USB power outlet, as long as these devices use an electrical current of less than 2.1 A.

This function normally works only when the radio is connected to a power outlet and in some models, when the battery is inserted and the radio is on.

Fitting auxiliary drives:

  • To install auxiliary devices, all you need to do is open the auxiliary compartment and hook up your MP3 or CD player or anything else you have in mind using auxiliary jack.
  • Some radios come with come with a storage compartment where you can keep your phone safe while it charges.

Changing back-up batteries. To change the batteries, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the screws (if there are some) and the battery cover.
  • Take off the batteries and disconnect the radio from the power outlet.
  • Insert the new batteries correctly. the positive terminal should go to the (+) mark, and the negative side should go to the (-) mark.
  • Secure back the battery cover and screw.

Some Others Setting That you Can Do:

  • Switching the radio on/off and controlling the volume control
  • Plug the power cord into a suitable AC/DC outlet or install the batteries.
  • Turn the on/off button or the volume knob to tune the power and sound.

Setting your job-site radio clock properly

  • Push and hold the Clock button till the ‘hour’ appears.
  • Utilize the(arrow) buttons to adjust the ‘hour’.
  • Push the Clock button once more and utilize the same arrow buttons to adjust the minutes.
  • To save your settings, hit the Clock button again.

Adjusting the EQ

  • To change the bass or treble manually, push the EQ button.
  • Use the arrow buttons to set the bass.
  • Push the EQ button once more to set the treble utilizing the arrow buttons.

Setting the band

  • Press the Mode button to set AUX, FM, or AM.

Tuning (Scanning and Seeking)

  • check Push and hold the arrow buttons to Seek stations through the band. Once a channel is discovered, the Seek function stops. Press the Scan button to advance the search.

Presetting Stations:

This is how to go about it:

  • Select the channel you want to save.
  • Push and hold the Preset button till the preset indicator light begins flashing.
  • The arrow buttons will help you choose the Preset location for the channel. Some radios have 5 preset locations while others have as much as 20.
  • Hit the Preset button to save your preferred location for the channel.
  • To step through your presets, all you need to do is push and let go of the Preset button.

Using the radio auxiliary jack

  • Open the AUX compartment.
  • Hook up the auxiliary device into the radio’s auxiliary jack.
  • Start the AUX device.

Benefits of using worksite radio

At this point, I suppose you already have an idea of what the advantages of a jobsite radio are. So now, we are going to expound on that.

​1. It offers entertainment

The main reason as to why radio has remained a popular communication channel is that it’s a huge source of entertainment. Radio does not just bring you the music you love; it airs fascinating stories and fun ads.

If you find your job a little boring, perhaps what you need is a jobsite radio. It will give you an energy boost and the best part is, you’ll not realize as time passes by.

The monotony associated with doing the same things at work over and over will cease to be such a huge burden on your shoulders as the music redirects your mind and makes it seem like what you’re doing is actually fun.

Because, if we were to assume some honesty, then we’d admit that not all of us like our jobs, particularly when hearing the same sounds from the same equipment every other day. By bringing a radio to the site, you could sing along to your favorite tracks and listen to your favorite shows.

Amazingly, some construction radios enable you to stream music from the web, and this is so helpful when you do not want to listen to what the channels are playing.

Some jobsite radios can be connected to external media devices like mp3 players. That way, you have freedom to listen to just what you want. So, you just hook the radio up to your device and get down to work while rhythmically shaking your head or singing along as the music plays.

That’s awesome entertainment killing boredom at the work site, right?

2. It’s a source of valuable information

Wouldn’t you love to know what Trump just tweeted on as you work? Okay, seriously, a jobsite radio offers you a quick means of getting the latest local and international news stories.

This can be very important if you’re particularly interested in knowing what’s going on in your community. Moreover, if you’re an entrepreneur, a jobsite radio can be a very effective means of learning about the best business opportunities. Maybe you operate a hardware store and you hear reports that there’s a construction site nearby that needs contractors urgently. Wouldn’t that be a fine opportunity? And, all thanks to the jobsite radio!

Aside from that, a jobsite radio provides you with reports on the weather, traffic, crimes, outbreaks of sicknesses, and so on. all this info can be incredibly helpful.

3. It’s a great stress remedy

You turn the radio on, and the stress somehow goes off. That’s because of the entertainment offered. As you might already know, radio offers stories, some of which may be similar to what you’re going through. That way, you know you’re not alone and possibly, you hear something that might be a great solution.

Apart from that, listening to inspirational music can fire you up and lead you to unwind and become happier.

Top jobsite radio brands in the market Today


Dewalt is a US company that designs and optimizes pro workhorse solutions such as drills, accessories, and jobsite radios.

Founded in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt, the firm continues to offer you solutions that boost your confidence amid tough worksite conditions. One of these solutions is their collection of robust jobsite radios, which are perfectly designed to ensure you enjoy music in conditions where normal radios would break down very quickly.


Want to buy from the most established brand in the market? That would be Milwaukee; it’s an industry leader in the manufacture of power tools, hand tools, and jobsite radios.

Started in 1924, this brand leads the industry in not just performance but longevity as well. As a key innovator of the Lithium-Ion technology, the firm can be looked upon as a reliable source of exceptional battery-powered jobsite radios.


The east is in the forefront of technological advancement these days, and when it comes to jobsite radio technology, Makita, a Japanese corporation, is a very reliable brand.

Founded in 1915, the firm has come to be revered as a trusted jobsite radio producer that values it customers by offering them speedy after-sales services and a lenient warranty policy.

They are also known to produce electronic items that are very safe to the user. So, if you want to operate the radio in a place where there are considerable risks of fires, go for one of their radios, like the Makita XRM04B.

4.Bosch Tools

Want to buy from one of the newer entrants in the jobsite radio market? Then you should consider Bosch. This is a North American tool firm that was founded in 2003 by Robert Bosch.

The company specializes in power tools and their accessories, and in jobsite radios to keep you entertained and informed as you go about your daily tasks at your worksite.

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is part of The Bosch Group, which has been around for over a hundred years, and which is a name associated with engineering excellence. Essentially, that means although Bosch Tools is relatively new, it enjoys over a century’s worth of engineering experience, making it one of the best job site radio manufacturers in the world.

Try their Bosch PB360C Power Box and I’m sure you’ll have no regrets.

How to take care your Jobsite radio?

Cleaning makes the biggest part of taking care of your jobsite radio. The following tips will help you do it effectively:

  • Clean any debris and dust from the vents and the charger.
  • Keep the radio’s handles (including the roll cage) clean and dry. You need to especially get rid of any oil or grease that might have sprinkled on these parts.
  • Utilize only a moist piece of cloth and very little soap to clean the radio, the charger, and the battery pack. Keep in mind that some cleaning agents are harmful to plastics, which might actually be the material used to construct your radio’s body.
  • Some of the most harmful cleaning agents to plastics are turpentine, gasoline, paint thinner, chlorine solvents, and ammonia. Steer clear of these ones. Also, be sure not to use any combustible or flammable solvents.


You might need to fix your radio after a very hard bang. Some brands, like Milwaukee, have service centers all over and at the back of the user manual, they list these centers. Check your operator’s manual for these centers and take it to the service center near you for repair.

Jobsite radio vs Normal Radio: Unlimited Battle

Jobsite radios are a lot like the normal radios we have at home with regards to operation. There are cordless versions and versions that use batteries or power cords for both jobsite and normal radios. Also, there are power buttons/switches, arrow dials, and volume knobs/buttons for both types of radios.

However, with regard to form and signal reception, there are notable differences, and they for the basis for which type of radios is better. These variations include the following:


If you really want to appreciate the difference in the construction of these two radio varieties, take the radio you have at home, then take your jobsite radio and drop them both from a height of around 12 feet. Then, try using them. Okay, before you try this experiment, I have to warn you – your normal radio will not fare very well; it might become obsolete afterwards.

On the other hand, your jobsite radio will most likely be totally unaffected by the fall.

Why is this?

Jobsite radios are normally constructed from robust plastic/steel/aluminum materials. Some are even designed with roll cages for optimal protection against impact. That is why such radios are perfect for job sites where bumps and bangs are the order of the day.

The materials used to make normal radios are, on the contrary, not as sturdy. On top of that, normal radios are ordinarily not fitted with roll cages. That is why a normal radio will hardly live through a week in a construction site or any other job site that’s packed with dangers.

Signal Reception

Imagine working in a construction site where there is too much signal blockage and interruptions from power tools, structures, and other factors. In that case, you need a radio with a powerful reception; you need a jobsite radio, as this sort of radio is built to work in harsh conditions.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to tuning and reception, jobsite radios are superior to normal radios.


Construction radios are built with the consideration that most work sites, particularly garages, wood shops, and construction sites, are normally very noisy. They’re also crafted with the assumption that some users might want to use them in an outdoor setting. That’s why most jobsite radios have the capability of getting to very high volumes; much higher than normal radios.

Onboard compartments

Some normal radios can charge your mobile devices all right, but at home, you don’t need to protect your devices as they charge. That is why normal radios are usually not designed with onboard compartments for keeping charging devices.

On the contrary, worksite radios are designed with onboard compartments where you can keep charging devices safe from threats like falling objects.

Versatility in use

Due to their construction, jobsite radios can be used in a variety of locations other than the job site. For instance, you can take your water-resistant worksite radio with you on a fishing escapade. I doubt you want to do the same with your normal radio, as the water might damage it.

Furthermore, you can use a jobsite radio at home, while you can’t take your normal radio with you to your jobsite unless you want to render it useless very quickly.

Considering all these aspects, I bet it’s obvious to you now. Jobsite radios are better than normal radios. That’s not to say normal radios are obsolete. With matters to do with beauty, they are undoubtedly better. That’s why it’s more convenient to have them in your home.

Safety Issues for jobsite radio

Most of the safety info for jobsite radios is located on user manuals. However, here are some common safety issues that you should observe at all times no matter what model you’re using:

  • Don’t use the radio near water.
  • Clean the radio only with dry or damp cloth.
  • List ElemInstall the radio based on the manufacturer’s directions and take care not to block any vents on the radio.
  • Don’t install the radio near sources of heat like stoves, radiators, and heat registers.
  • Use the polarized and grounding-type plugs appropriately. A polarized plug comes with 2 blades; one is wider than the other. This wider blade is meant for your safety. On the other hand, grounding-type plugs have 2 blades and an extra grounding prong. The prong is also meant for your safety. In the event that your plug is not fitting into your outlet, have the outlet replaced by an electrician.
  • Find a way of keeping your power cord from getting trampled by people or tools especially at plugs. You could use a warning sign like “DON’T STEP ON THIS!”.
  • Use only the accessories or attachments that are from the manufacturer.
  • Disconnect the radio from the power outlet when there’s a lightning storm.
  • Consider plugging the radio into outlets that are easy to access to ensure the appliance can be unplugged swiftly if need be, for instance if there’s a critical problem with the electricity.
  • Is your radio cordless? Recharge the batteries only with their own charger; the one you got from the manufacturer. This helps preserve the life of your batteries and keep risks such as fires at bay.
  • In conjunction to the previous point, you should only use the batteries that are designated for your radio.
  • When you’re not using your battery pack, store it safely, away from other metals, including keys, screws, nails, coins, and paper clips. Note that such items can link the positive terminal up with the negative one, creating a short circuit that might result in sparks and eventually, a fire. Store the charger and the battery pack in a cool, dry place. Places with temperatures exceeding 120 °F, like in direct sunlight, are hazardous for batteries.
  • Avoid using adaptor plugs.
  • Operating the radio outdoors? Go for an extension cable marked ‘W’ or ‘W-A’. Such a cord is designed specifically for outdoor use, with features for reduction of electric shock risks.
  • Some folks are very curious, going as far as disassembling the radio and attempting to rewire the systems. Unless you’re an engineer and you’re using the radio for learning purposes, don’t disassemble your jobsite radio or rewire its electrical systems.

The batteries might seep out chemicals, even explode when used wrongly. Here are tips to help you avoid such scenarios:

  • Be sure to position the positive and negative terminals properly in the radio.
  • Avoid combining old batteries with new ones or using different varieties of batteries.
  • Don’t attempt recharging batteries that are not rechargeable.
  • In case battery fluids touch your skin, don’t worry, just wash them off promptly with lots of water. And, if they ooze onto your radio, just wipe them off using a damp cloth.

Some Quick Tips to Improve Your Experience with job-Site radios

The following tips should help not only with improving your experience but also with boosting the lifespan of your worksite radio:

  • Turn the volume slowly. Some people will turn the volume to full blast as soon as they turn on the radio. That’s a mistake that can eventually lead the speaker to fail. It’s just like breaking a long fast with a plate of beef; not wise, is it? So, if you want to be able to enjoy clear audio always, turn the volume up progressively rather than abruptly.
  • If you hear some distortion, turn the volume down promptly until the distortion is all gone.
  • When the radio is not in use, be sure to unplug it from the wall socket.

Common Maintenance Issues of A jobsite radio

Saying that all the jobsite radio models on our product review list are perfect and immune to all problems would be an overstatement. Of course, they’re really good; they’re the best in the market. Nonetheless, like all other products, they’re susceptible to certain issues. Fortunately, there are handy solutions and below, you will find the most important ones:

Issue No-1: scratches and cracks.

Solution: avoid placing heavy objects on the radio.

Issue No-2: obsolete battery.

Solution: avoid immersing your batteries in water and when storing them, ensure they’re away from water. Also, while storing batteries, ensure they’re not mixed up with keys, coins or other small metals that can connect the positive and negative terminals. Such a connection could create a short circuit, leading to a fire.

Issue No-3: separated veneers.

Solution: try as much as possible, to keep the radio out the way of direct sunlight. This solution also keeps the radio’s colors from fading.

Issue No-4: batteries oozing fluids

Solution: avoid overcharging them and don’t use different battery models together. Also, use the right battery pack for your jobsite radio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Can a jobsite radio play music from an SD card?

Again, this depends on the model. Some brands, most remarkably Bosch, have this function.

2.How loud is a jobsite radio?

The most basic models are adequately loud to be heard in a big shop or garage clearly. More advanced models are adequately loud to be heard clearly in a huge outdoor space.

3.Can I use construction radios in places other than the work site?

Yes. Some models, particularly the ones reviewed here, are highly flexible, allowing you to bring them to places such as the beach, camping trails, and more.

4.Can I use a jobsite radio to charge devices?

Yes, but it depends on the model you’re using. Some models support charging via a USB port but in most cases, the radio will only charge devices when it’s plugged into a socket.

5.What features make a work-site radio’s buttons user friendly?

If your target is to get a jobsite radio whose controls are very easy to use, then I’d advise you get a unit whose dials or buttons are rubberized. That’s because rubber makes it easy to push the buttons. Another aspect to keep in mind is the size of those buttons. Go for a unit whose buttons are big as they’re easy to control particularly when you have your gloves on.

Final Word

For welders, DIYers, construction workers, and most folks in the blue-collar professions, a jobsite radio is more than just luxury. It’s the ‘secret portion’ that helps them get through an exhausting day at work.

A construction radio does not just make it possible for you to listen to your favorite music as you work. It keeps you updated with what’s going on both locally and internationally. It also provides you with valuable info on traffic, disease outbreaks, entrepreneurial opportunities, and other more.

And by the way, some models allow you to charge your mobile devices the hassle-free way.

Luckily for you, there’s no need to start researching the Best Jobsite Radio on the market; do you even have that time?

Everything is right waiting for you to take a step and get what suits you. The models in the Jobsite Radio review section are undoubtedly the finest in the market and with the buying guide part, I am positive that choosing what’s perfect for you will be a piece of cake.

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