Best Rubik’s Cube Reviews 2018-The Ultimate Guide, Solutions, Interesting Facts, and More

Top 10 Best Rubik’s Cube Reviews 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Congratulations! You have just discovered the most comprehensive and informative Rubik’s cube guide on the internet.

Today, I will tell you about the best Rubik’s cubes in the market today. Of course, the best cube depends on your taste and on what really suits you. In a few moments, I will help you figure out what fits you. I will outline a number of factors you should consider to get the right Rubik’s cube based on your needs and your situation.

So, pull a chair and let’s dive into the world of the Rubik’s cube. We shall explore everything from the Rubik’s cubes to how to solve the Rubik’s cube to the cube’s history, and more.

Most importantly, we shall go through a list I have composed after having tested, used personally, and reviewed numerous Rubik’s cube. The list contains my selection of the best and most reliable cubes that you can find online.

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Below, I’ve selected Top-quality Rubik’s Cubes on the market today plus a complete buyer’s guide for the same.

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Name Editor’s Rating Price
Hasbro Rubik’s Cube
The Cube: Best-selling 3×3 Cube
Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Stickerless Color Speed Cube
ShengShou 5×5 Speed Cube
Shengshou Cube Puzzle, Speed Cube

Our Best Rubik’s Cubes Picks:

1. Hasbro Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube happens to be one of the world’s best brain-teasing puzzles. It has billions of combinations but just one solution.

The Hasbro Rubik’s Cube is a smart 3×3 version that comes solved. All you have to do is scramble the colored squares and then turn, twist, and make rotations to match the colors up with their faces.

Have you mastered the art of the Rubik’s cube?

Or maybe not?

Whatever the case, the Hasbro cube is the ideal match. With relatively bright colors and smooth turns, it will make the learning process for beginners effortless. Additionally, the cube comes with a colorful solution guide to help you learn the hassle-free way.

If you have already mastered the cube, it will support your goal to improve on solve time.

Have you had a Rubik’s cube before?

You might have had problems figuring out how to store it safely when you’re not using it, right? You might even have misplaced it a few times.

Now, you’ll be pleased to learn that one of the most notable features of this brand is that it comes with a display stand. That means no more leaving it lying it around on the table or anywhere else.

You know what else that means? It won’t get lost easily. And by the way, the stand is just beautiful. If you have an eye for beauty, this is the best Rubik cube for you.

Highlighted features:

  • Beautiful display stand
  • Colorful solution guide
  • Frustration-free packaging

2.Winning Moves Rubik’s Cube

Did you know that the Rubik’s cube holds the record for the world’s best-selling puzzle of all time?

This famous puzzle intrigues many people indeed with great brain-teasing ability – billions of possible combinations yet only one solution.

Winning Moves takes the 3×3 cube up a notch by building it with unique turning action. This not only makes solving the cube more effortless but also makes handling it more enjoyable.

Besides that, they make the cube with the most common color combination, where blue is opposite green, red is opposite orange, and white is opposite yellow.

Now, if you have observed different Rubik’s cube brands, you might have come across several that have very similar colors. Red and orange might be so similar that you can’t tell them apart. How do you solve such a cube?

The good news is, the Winning Moves Rubik’s cube is quite different. Its colors are easily distinguishable. That means no more stops to double-check the colors. Therefore, if you’re particularly looking to speed cube, this is the cube to go for. This is one of the smooth speed cube that i found.

Another noteworthy advantage of this product is that it’s just the right weight – 9.9 ounces. It’s not too heavy that you get tired holding it, yet it’s not too light that it easily slips from your grip. Isn’t that wonderful?

Highlighted features:

  • Simple, easily-distinguishable colors
  • Convenient weight
  • Unique turning action

3. 3X3 Cube By aGreatLife

How would like to try out a cube with the comfort of knowing that if you don’t like it, no worries, you can just return it and get all your cash back?

Yep, that’s what aGreatLife offers you. They have a full money-back guarantee that ensures that in the very unlikely event that you don’t like their awesome cube, you get back your money.

The Cube is not just an ordinary Rubik’s cube. It’s a 3×3 brain teaser that is already incredibly fast; it doesn’t require much effort to turn. All you have to do is move your fingers and there you have it – seamless moves based on your movements.

At 43°, The Cube has an exceptional corner cutting ability. Remember, corner cutting refers to the maximum angle by which a face can be rotated with the cubelets being directly aligned without getting jammed. With a tolerance of 43°, this cube hardly gets stuck in the midst of rotations.

The Cube has slightly rounded interior corners, making it easy and quicker to perform turns.

This 3×3 has a length of 2 inches; in other words, 56mm on each side. That’s an average size that’s a perfect fit for most people’s hands. At 66g, the cube is neither too heavy nor too light – it has just the right weight.

AGreatLife is known to care for its clients. It recognizes that during the holiday season, many people look to buy nice gifts for their loved ones; and what better brain-teasing gift is there than a Rubik’s cube?

Well, aGreatLife makes giving it out as a gift very easy by offering you huge discounts during the holiday season. You might even find that it’s about 25% off. Isn’t that cool?

Highlighted features:

  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Has a 43° corner cutting tolerance
  • Proper size and weight (2 inches and 66g respectively)
  • Comes with an app to help you master the cube more easily

4. The Amazing Smart [IQ Tester] 3×3 Magic Speed Cube

Did you know that cubing helps reduce stress and anxiety in both adults and kids? The next time you feel anxious, pick a Rubik’s cube and start trying to solve it. Your brain will get so involved in the puzzle that you will forget what you were stressed about.

Yep, the Rubik’s cube is that good with solving stress and anxiety.

The Puzgic Speed cube takes things to a whole new level. First, it has great corner cutting capabilities. It has no stalling corners. Secondly, you can easily adjust the tension at its central mechanism according to your preferences. For that reason, if you’re looking to be a speedcuber, the Puzgic Speed is the perfect match for you.

If you have a touch for elegance, this is the cube to consider. Unlike those messy, low-quality toys, it has an elegant look, from its colors to its texture. It’s a classy piece of art that will look great in your home, car or office.

Apart from that, the Puzgic Speed cube is constructed from non-toxic plastic materials, and thus it’s safe for kids and adults alike.

Contrary to conventional cubes, the Puzgic Speed Cube’s colors don’t come from stickers; they are built-in. Therefore, even if you’re not very careful with the way you handle the cube, you don’t have to worry about the colors peeling off.

Highlighted features:

  • Has an elegant design with vivid colors
  • Has built-in colors rather than stickers
  • Constructed from non-toxic plastic materials

5. Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Stickerless Color Speed Cube Puzzle

The problem with having just an ordinary cube is that it can pop while you’re executing your moves. Imagine that when you’re almost done, the cube crumbles. Wouldn’t feel very good, would it?

Unknown Xtimer’s X-V6 Speed Cube is here to ensure that you don’t deal with such issues. The cube is made with an innovative anti-pop structure. With that, the cube is incredibly fast and cuts smooth corners.

The cube’s design allows you to make easy, smooth turns.

The Xtimer’s X-V6 Speedcube is manufactured from high-strength PA plastic. That means that you don’t have to worry about the cube getting damaged – this kind of plastic is very durable.

With a 6 Axis adjustable spring design. This incorporates the ideal pressure and anti-fall structures, ensuring that your cube is well protected. If you’re intending to use your new cube for competitions, then you’ll be subjecting it to aggressive handling. In that case, you will need a cube that can put up with violent conditions.

The Xtimer’s X-V6 Speed Cube is the one you should be considering for such conditions. To prove that this cube is surely made for harsh conditions like speedcubing and competitions, it even has built-in colors. That means that in the process of making fast turns, you won’t have to worry about stickers that can peel off.

Highlighted features:

  • A Reticular Collection Pouch
  • Built-in colors
  • Comes with a solving guide
  • Made from strong, durable, non-toxic plastic
  • Has a robust anti-pop mechanism

6. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cube

Did you know that the Rubik’s cube boosts intelligence in kids? How does that work? When your child attempts to solve the cube, they’re dealing with a problem/puzzle. When they find a way to solve it, they’re improving their problem-solving skills and in the process increasing their IQ.

The good thing about the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys Speed Cube is that it’s made for all ages. This 3×3 is suitable for your kids, your folks; it’s suits you whether you’re a beginner or a pro player.

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys Speed Cube is made with an ergonomic design. It incorporates a high-performance design with great value.

In that regard, it is manufactured with original, eco-friendly ABS materials that are non-toxic and lightweight. For those reasons, you will feel comfortable holding it in your hands.

If you’re looking for a cube with outstanding stability, this is the cube to get. It has excellent corner cutting capabilities and its tension can be adjusted.

The cube rarely corner-twists or locks up. It’s unique in that it’s difficult to pop, easy to control, and comes already lubricated. Therefore, it’s certainly a great pick if you’re looking to beat your personal record. Also, you can use it at international cubing competitions.

Are you looking for a good balance between affordability and performance? Then you ought to consider the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys Speed Cube.

Highlighted features:

  • Great anti-pop technology
  • Structured for high-speed and smooth cornering
  • Eco-friendly ABS materials
  • Stickerless

7. ShengShou 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube

Do you have an elderly relative?

As much as it hurts, memory reduces with old age. However, you might be pleased to learn that the Rubik’s cube boosts memory retention. So, rather than waiting for them to have cognitive difficulties, why not get them the ShengShou Puzzle Cube?

The good thing about this 3×3 cube is that it features smooth turning. The cubelets’ interior edges are rounded and smoothed to ensure there is effortless turning.

Besides that, the cube has great corner cutting tolerance. That means that you won’t have to worry about the cube popping or locking up between moves.

At 3.2 ounces, this cube is quite lightweight. Furthermore, it has a length of 2.2 inches. Hence, you can easily hold it in one hand and perform your moves.

Is speedcubing your target? Great. The ShengShou Puzzle Cube will definitely support your endeavors. That’s because it turns smoothly and has great corner cutting. In other words, it is extremely fast.

Though the cube has stickers, they’re a little different from conventional Rubik’s cube stickers. That’s because they don’t easily peel off. They are textured and engraved into the squares so intelligently that they last long.

Highlighted features:

  • Textured stickers
  • Lightweight (3.2 ounces)
  • Classic black edges
  • Great corner cutting tolerance

8. Shengshou Cube Pack (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5)

Rubik’s cubes come in many styles particularly with the number of cubelets. Some are 2×2, others are 3×3, others are 4×4, and so on. Now, different people have different tastes. While I may love a 4×4, you may love a 3×3.

Furthermore, I always recommend that learners start with the simplest cube, going up the ladder. If you’re a total beginner, why not start with a 2×2 and when you have mastered that, move onto a 3×3, then to a 4×4 in that order?

I bet we all can agree that strategy makes sense, right?

So, the Shengshou Cube Pack makes that possible for you. It offers you 4 different styles (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5) to make sure that your learning process is seamless.

With the Shengshou set, you don’t have to keep going back to the shop to search for your perfect match. With the 4 different styles, it’s highly likely that there will be one that fits you perfectly.

The other great thing about having this pack is that all the cubes are made from eco-friendly ABS materials. These cubes are, hence, safe for you and the environment alike.

The materials are also lightweight, thus making it easy for you to handle the cubes.

Highlighted features:

  • 4 different styles (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5)
  • Eco-friendly ABS materials
  • Great turning ability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

9. Suvevic Speed Cube

Are you a patient person? If the sincere answer is no, then I have a solution for you – the Rubik’s cube. If you or your loved ones have patience issues, the Rubik’s cube will definitely come in handy.

Why? Solving the Rubik’s cube is not something that many people are able to do for the first time. Even Erno Rubik, the guy who invented it, first had trouble solving it for the first time – and, he was a professor. He had to be patient and attempt solving it again and again, till he did it.

When you try solving the cube for the first time, you might have trouble doing it. However, with patience, you will eventually do it, and it will be worth every moment spent.

With a new springs design, the Suvevic Speed Cube makes the learning process hassle free for you. The cube allows you to finely adjust its tightness, therefore letting you achieve the speed and smoothness you prefer.

This cube features exceptional performance, in that it has great corner cutting tolerance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about pops and lock-ups. Also, you can easily adjust its tension.

The Suvevic Speed Cube is manufactured from original, ABS materials. These are non-toxic, lightweight, and comfortable in the hands. If you’re looking for a cube that’s safe for your kids, then this is the cube to get.

This cube is crafted with an anti-corner twist design to ensure that there are minimal lock-ups.

Highlighted features:

  • High-grade anti-pop structure
  • Anti-corner twist design
  • Adjustable tension
  • Lightweight
  • Made from original ABS materials

10. Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube Carbon Fiber Sticker Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles

Do you love solving puzzles?

Are you in a career, field of study or any situation that requires you to draw strategies and solve problems from time to time? Then you have got to try the Rubik’s cube.

By solving its puzzles, your mind becomes sharper and you’re able to solve real-life problems more effectively.

The Dreampark Speed Cube is here to make your cubing time as flawless as possible. It with its faultless design, it makes cubing a thrilling game for both adults and kids.

If you’re a pro cuber, you’ve got to consider the Dreampark Speed Cube. That’s because it has an upgraded anti-pop structure that not only makes turning easier and faster but also balances the entire mechanism to ensure the cube doesn’t crumble amid your moves.

Also, the cube happens to have a great corner cutting tolerance. That allows you to rotate the faces more easily without much restriction. This helps to speed up your solve time and improve the turning experience.

The Dreampark Speed Cube is manufactured from recyclable plastics and carbon fiber stickers. These materials are non-toxic and long-lasting. Then again, the carbon fibers make the stickers robust; they don’t fade easily. These stickers have a bright color scheme that makes it easy for you to differentiate even similar shades like red and orange.

If you seek a cube that is fully customizable, this is the cube to get. Even though it comes already tensioned and lubed, it offers you maximum customizability. And not just that – it comes with an instruction manual to make the lubing process as easy for you as possible.

Highlighted features:

  • Fully customizable tension
  • Carbon fiber stickers that don’t fade easily
  • Vivid color scheme
  • Advanced anti-pop structure

11.Winning Moves 2×2 Rubiks Cube

The advantage of a stickerless cube is that it curbs cheating. Think of it this way – if a cube has stickers and you’re unable to solve it legitimately, you can just remove the stickers and place them back to give the impression of a solved puzzle.

What about a stickerless cube? – you can’t cheat, unless you take the individual cubelets apart; and that is not a very easy process, is it?

So, if you’re looking to prevent cheating in a competition, consider getting the Winning Moves Games Rubik’s 2×2 Cube, as it’s arguably the best stickerless cube. This pocket cube doesn’t have the traditional stickers; those have been replaced with colored plastic, which serves to prevent fading, peeling, and theft.

Looking for a cube that you can easily take with you wherever you go? This is the cube to consider. It’s much smaller than the regular 3×3, and therefore, you can easily slip it into a bag or pocket and solve it on the train, bus or train, or in the office or school while taking a break.

If you have a young kid, like a 5-year-old, they might not be ready for more complicated cubes like 3x3s. But, this 2×2 puzzle would do just fine for them.

The best thing about the Winning Moves 2×2 Cube is that it has a great turning mechanism. In that regard, it turns more smoothly and faster. Furthermore, it doesn’t have stickers; it has colored plastic.

Highlighted features:

  • Awesome turning mechanism
  • 2×2 version – only 8 corner pieces; no center or edge pieces
  • No stickers – has colored plastic

12. ShengShou Cube (5×5)

There’s a reason as to why the 5×5 version is called the professor’s cube; solving it is not very easy. However, there are always smart people out there, and if you’re one of them, then you’ve got to try the 5×5 cube by ShengShou.

Do you know someone who thinks they are very smart? Challenge them with the ShengShou 5×5 Cube.

This cube is pretty much like the 3×3 version, only that it has 5 squares on every edge rather than the typical 3.

5×5 cubes are typically heavy and bulky; the ShengShou Cube is quite the opposite. The cube has a length of 2.6 inches and a weight of 2.6 ounces. Hence, you can easily carry it in your bag and solve it at school or in the office.

Apart from that, the ShengShou Cube features a great central mechanism that allows fast and easy turning. The cubelets are also designed in a way that reduces friction and allows you to rotate layers effortlessly.

Also, you can easily take out the pieces and adjust the cube’s tension.

The ShengShou Cube is manufactured from high-quality plastic and stickers to ensure your cubing experience is exceptional.

13. Shengshou 7×7 Rubiks Cube

Have you mastered the art of the 3×3 Rubik’s cube? Great! – that is a great accomplishment and it deserves appreciation. Now that you’re done with that level, it’s about time you moved to the next level – you can either go through the 4×4 and the 5×5 or you can go straight to the 7×7 level.

The Shengshou 7×7 Cube is made with the consideration that this is not a very easy level; it’s in fact quite hard. With regard to that, it has a black outline and very vivid colors to make it very easy for you to differentiate them.

This cube comes with PVC stickers. PVC stickers are not ordinary stickers; they’re attached tightly to the cube, and thus they’re not very easy to remove. Apart from that, these stickers are quite durable.

The best thing about the Shengshou 7×7 Cube is that it’s made with an outstanding turning mechanism. Even though it has so many cubelets, it’s unlikely that you will have lockups.

The layers turn smoothly without the cubies getting stuck between moves.

Highlighted features:

  • A length of 7.7 cm
  • Convenient weight – 7.2 ounces
  • Nice turning

14. aGreatLife 3×3 Speed Cube

Looking for a cool gift for someone you love a lot? Look no further, as a Rubik’s cube makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s the holiday season or someone special just has an occasion coming up, like a birthday party or graduation, you can never go wrong with the aGreatLife 3×3 Speed Cube.

The best thing about aGreatLife is that they always have special offers especially for the holiday season.

What makes a Rubik’s cube the perfect gift is that it helps expand the solver’s mind power. Wouldn’t want your loved ones to be more intelligent.

The aGreatLife 3×3 Speed Cube takes cubing up a notch. In that regard, it has unique anti-pop technology, which makes solving the cube a much easier process. Then again, it has a good corner cutting tolerance that allows you to make moves effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a cube that makes it easy to break personal cubing records, this is the cube to get. With its great anti-pop technology and corner cutting tolerance, there are no barriers to speed.

Now, you might have heard someone say that their cube easily escaped their grip. That is not the case with the aGreatLife 3×3 Speed Cube. Its stickers are rough and therefore when you hold it, the grip is firm; it doesn’t slide and slip away. This is yet another factor that makes this the perfect cube for speedcubing.

Another notable benefit of having the aGreatLife 3×3 Speed Cube is that it’s made from ABS plastic. That makes the cube last for life. And, do you know something amazing? If something goes wrong with the cube, all you have to do is send a message and the manufacturer will replace it quickly. No hassles. Isn’t that nice?

Highlighted features:

  • Great anti-pop technology
  • Longlasting ABS plastic materials
  • Perfect corner cutting

15. Creativeline SpeedRipper 3×3 Cube

In speed cubing, you might face the problem of corner twisting, and that might ruin your solve time. The CreativelineSpeedRipper 3×3 Cube is designed to prevent such unfortunate circumstances.

Its surfaces are designed to ensure that corner twisting almost never occurs while taking care not to compromise reverse corner cutting. For that reason, this cube has a corner cutting tolerance of 45°.

The CreativelineSpeedRipper 3×3 Cube’s core is made of superior plastic ABS. If you love speed cubing, this serves to regulate friction at the core, ensuring the turns are flawless. It also makes sure that the cube does not pop during fast turns, particularly in competitions.

For those reasons, the CreativelineSpeedRipper 3×3 is one of the nice cubes for speedcubing competitions.

The makers of the CreativelineSpeedRipper 3×3 Cube have taken things to a whole new level by utilizing a new, innovative turning mechanism. The mechanism makes it easy for you to rotate the layers; you need very little effort to move the layers.

Every CreativelineSpeedRipper 3×3 cube comes pre-lubricated and adjusted finely. That means that for the first few weeks, you won’t need to buy any lubricants to reduce tension in the cube.

With its nontoxic and ecofriendly materials, the cube is safe for all ages, including kids. Then again, the cube is long lasting as it is made from ABS plastic. The stickers are also non-fading with brilliant colors to make it easy for you to differentiate colors.

Highlighted features:

  • Nontoxic, ecofriendly ABS materials
  • Non-fading, brilliantly-colored stickers
  • New, innovative turning mechanism
  • 45° corner cutting tolerance

16. I-xun Smooth and Speed 1x3x3 Magic Cube

Do you have a kid? Or, a nephew, niece or even a neighbor’s kid that you adore? Do you want them to be smart and to grow into an intelligent adult? Getting them the I-xun Magic Cube would be a great leap toward that.

The I-xun Magic Cube has a great design. First, it features excellent turning. That can be attributed to its primary core, which is designed to follow the movements of your fingers. You don’t need lots of power to move those layers.

In case you don’t like the cube’s tension, you can easily open up the cube and adjust the core to suit your preference. The core’s tension is totally adjustable.

Then, the cube’s stickers are made from PVC. That makes them sturdy and helps them avoid fading.

The 1x3x3 I-xun Magic Cube is a great choice for guidance. If you’re looking to get a Rubik’s cube for a kid, this would be an excellent pick. Moreover, the cube is made from ecofriendly plastic that is harmless to everyone including kids.

Highlighted features:

  • PVC stickers that don’t fade easily
  • Adjustable tension
  • Eco friendly materials

17. Shengshou Megaminx Puzzle

Looking for a megaminx puzzle that is primarily made for speed solving?

That would be the ShengshouMegaminx Puzzle. The manufacturers of this cube have utilized excellent design skills combined with great materials to ensure that this one doesn’t let you down when speedcubing.

The ShengshouMegaminx Puzzle is dodecahedron-shaped with 50 movable pieces rather than the 20 movable pieces of a 3×3 cube. Each of its edges measures 2.3 inches and the entire cube weighs 5.9 ounces.

For a megaminx, those are excellent values – they make the puzzle very portable.

What you’re required to do is mix it up and match each side with its correct color; just like you’d do with the 3×3 Rubik’s cube.

A megaminx can be quite complicated. However, the ShengshouMegaminx Puzzle makes things as easy for you as possible. With its great design and incredible central mechanism, turning its layers is effortless.

Highlighted features:

  • 50 movable pieces rather than the usual 20 pieces
  • Lightweight – only 5.9 ounces
  • Great turning mechanism

18. Carol Wright Gifts Sudoku Cube

Ever played a sudoku? The game where you’re required to fill grids with numbers so that each sub-grid, row and column contains all digits from 1 to 9, remember?

The Carol Wright Gifts Sudoku Cube is pretty much the same, only that you’re required to repeat that on a Rubik’s cube. The challenge is even smarter on the cube and if you’re ready to move on from the traditional sudoku, you should certainly try the Carol Wright Gifts Sudoku Cube.

The cube measures 2.4 inches on every edge and has a weight of 2.7 ounces. That makes it the ideal on-the-go puzzle game. You can just toss it into your pockets or bag and try solving it on your way to work or school to wherever else you might be going to.

It would definitely help kill boredom in the subway or on a traffic jam.

If you have a kid that has a touch for puzzle games, throw this one at them. It’s both entertaining and challenging, and it will definitely help boost their mental power.

Highlighted features:

  • The puzzle is composed of numbers rather than colors
  • Lightweight
  • Eco friendly materials

19. AsmallFish Magic Cube

Frustrated with your old Rubik’s cube? Maybe the stickers were fading or even peeling off. Maybe the cubelets often get jumbled, preventing you from attaining your ultimate speed.

If that is so, you might be looking for an innovative cube that doesn’t have the flaws of the old cube, right? The AsmallFish Magic Cube is here to give you a whole new experience.

It comes with robust, solid stickers with bright colors. These stickers don’t peel off easily and they certainly don’t fade colors. For that reason, this is the right cube for speedcubing or cubing for long periods.

The AsmallFish Magic Cube happens to be already super-fast without any additional strength; move your fingers and the layer follows you with just a little effort. This is just what you need, particularly if you’re looking to improve your solve time.

This cube comes with improved anti-pop structures and a high corner cutting tolerance to keep up with your speed and make using it as easy as possible. Furthermore, its internal corners are slightly rounded. This makes turning an easy and seamless process.

The AsmallFish Magic Cube has official certification for meeting the ASTM F963 International Toy Safety Standards. With regard to that, it’s manufactured from ecofriendly materials that are safe for both kids and adults. Also, these materials are so robust that the cube won’t break if you drop it onto a hard surface.

Therefore, it’s the perfect gift for kids, as they might drop it from time to time.

So, as I said before, all you have to do is examine each cube’s features carefully and pick the cube that you feel has the features that totally suit you.

Now let’s look into the history of the cube. You are just about to discover lots of amazing facts in the next section.

What is a Rubik’s cube?

The Rubik’s cube is a 3-dimensional combination puzzle that was invented in the 70’s by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian architecture professor. When it was first created, the cube was called the Magic cube, and Rubik licensed Ideal Toy Corp to sell it in Hungary.

The original design consisted of 6 faces, with each face being covered with 9 stickers, which were colored to differentiate the squares and to give each face its distinct color. The 6 solid colors were: red, orange, white, yellow, blue, and green, and to solve the cube, one has to match each face with one color.

This is still the general form of today’s 3×3 cube though manufacturers are increasingly replacing the stickers with colored plastic panels, and this move has proved to be quite worthwhile. First, it prevents peeling or fading of the colors and again, it discourages cheating in competitions.

Apart from the transition from stickers to colored plastic panels, another change that has taken place is the invention of other Rubik’s cube versions, such as the 2×2, the 4×4, and the picture puzzle cube.

What to Look for When Buying a Rubik’s Cube?

Purchasing a Rubik’s cube, whether from a physical or online store, can get quite confusing, especially because there are so many brands. If you buy a cube that doesn’t fit your needs, you will have wasted your time and money. In this section, I will help you avoid that.

Outlined below are a few important aspects to consider when purchasing a Rubik’s cube to ensure that you buy one that totally suits you.


How well can the cube turn? The cube’s layers have got to be easily turned, transitioning smoothly between one another without getting jammed between moves. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t be so loose that they can slip and slide without you moving them.

Consider going for a cube that can be crumbled and adjusted easily to fit your desired tension.

The Color

When considering a rubik’s cube, ensure that its colors are not too similar to avoid mix-ups. The red and orange colors are the biggest considerations to make here. It can be exceedingly annoying to not be able to tell which cubelet is orange and which one is red.

By buying a cube whose colors are easily distinguishable, you increase the solve time. That’s because you don’t have to keep stopping to double check the colors. Note, such distractions might keep you from being able to figure out your next move.

Still regarding the color, there’s a factor you should consider – does the cube’s colors come from stickers or are the colors built-in?

Traditionally, Rubik’s cubes come with colored stickers. However, a new trend is emerging, where manufacturers make the cubes from colored plastics.

While cubes with built-in colors are a lot easier to solve, they’re a bit less interesting. Nonetheless, unless stickers, theydon’t usually peel off or fade.


The size of the cube that fits you totally depends on the size of your hands and your preferences.

Can you comfortably hold the cube you’re looking to buy in one hand?

If you can, then that’s the correct size for you. If you can’t, then I suggest that you get a smaller or bigger one respectively.

Most 3×3 cubes have a length of 4 to 6 cm. Of course, there are some that are much smaller and others that are much bigger. While cubes that are too small or too big are not typically used in competitions (because of the difficulty of turning them), they are equally as enjoyable.

The most common size for speedcubing is 5.7cm. 4.2cm is the preferred size for one-handed solving.

I recommend that you go for your most comfortable size.

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting refers to the maximum angle by which a face can be rotated with the cubelets being directly aligned without getting jammed.

Good 3×3 cubes have a 45° tolerance. That means that even though the face might not be aligned correctly when you initiate the rotation, the cube corrects the angle automatically and allows the turn.

If that doesn’t happen, there may be a lockup; the cube might even crumble.

Therefore, be sure to look for a cube that has a 45° tolerance. Apart from that, it’s important that you improve the precision of your moves.

Keep in mind that some cubes require more force to turn while others are flexible and let you turn them effortlessly.

The Rubik’s cube will adjust itself if there’s an imperfect alignment and let you perform your moves without requiring much strength.

A bad cube will either get stuck between moves or need you to apply more force to turn it depending on the angle. If you’re particularly looking to be a speedcuber, you want to avoid that.

The tension of the cube’s core

As a speedcuber, you’re probably looking for a cube that has as little tension as possible; a cube that turns easily, right?

Remember, even though a cube with very little tension is easy to turn, it can pop with the same ease. Then again, a cube whose core is too loose makes it hard for you to maintain precision in your moves.

On the other hand, you won’t find it comfortable to use a cube that’s too tight. That’s because at each move, you will need to apply more force; this also makes your turns less precise.

If you find that the cube you just bought is too tight, you can just take out the pieces and adjust the center core to your preferred level of tightness.


This is very important especially if you’re working within a budget. Note, a good 3×3 will cost you somewhere between $8 and $30, depending on where/who you’re buying it from. Just make sure that you go for a price that’s affordable to you.

The more the cubelets, the more the price, and vice-versa. For instance, a 2×2 will be much cheaper than a 7×7.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a Rubik’s cube, it would be a good time to go out there and get the brand that fits you.

Types of Rubik’s cubes 

The classic cube comes in various configurations, like the 2×2, the typical 3×3, the 4×4, the 5×5, and the 7×7. Needless to say, the more the number of cubelets, the more difficulty there is in solving the cube.

Apart from the configuration, Rubik’s cubes can be categorized based on color, central mechanism, type of puzzle, and more.

So, what interesting types of cubes can you find out there? Let’s see.

1. The Grayscale Rubik’s Cube

This cube is similar to the typical 3×3, only that it doesn’t have the bright contrasting colors. In case you’re wondering, “How can I solve that if it doesn’t have the bright contrasting colors?”, then you might be pleased to know that there are actually different shades of grey on the cube.

All you have to do is be really smart and have a very keen sense of color.

The moves are the same, but certainly more difficult because of the additional focus needed to be able to distinguish the colors.

2. The Photo Cube

You can have a customized Rubik’s cube made from 6 different pictures. Each of the pictures will be sliced into the 9 squares on each face.

This cube is pretty cool but it is highly unlikely that anyone who’s not familiar with the pictures will be able to solve the cube.

3. Rubik’s cube earth

This is another stunning version of the Rubik’s cube. It has earth’s map printed on the faces.

Did you (or do you) get good grades Geography? Great! Go for it. If you are not good in Geography, not to worry; all you need to do is grab a map of earth and learn how it looks like. Know how the continents are aligned, and you’re good to go. That doesn’t seem very hard, does it?

And by the way, this version of the cube is a great conversation starter. So, if you’ve been looking to get to know someone, just get the cube, approach them and ask them to help you solve that.

4. The Magnetic Dice Cube

Now, this one is quite interesting. It uses the old-fashioned dice puzzles to build something that is more comprehensive. As you can see in the photo above, each of the faces has a different number of dots; all you have to do with the scrambled cube is match up the dots on each face.

Unlike the standard Rubik’s cube, the dice cube doesn’t rely on caps and screws to keep thecubelets together. Its central mechanism employs magnets. That means that you can easily take the cube apart and arrange the pieces if you can’t solve the puzzle.

5. The Sudokube

Do you love Sudoku? If so, this is just the cube for you. Many people avoid this cube for fears that it will suck up all their time but tell you what? This is one of the most interesting Rubik’s cubes on the planet. It will certainly require lots of brains to solve, but if you’re up for the challenge, it will be worth every moment.

6. The Megamix

This is a 12-sided version with a shape like a desk calendar paperweight. It contains 50 pieces that you can move, in contrast to the standard cube that allows you to move only 20 pieces.

7. The Pyraminx

The pyraminx is a triangular variation of the Rubik’s cube that comes with 4 different faces. Each of the faces has a different color. You might be pleased to learn that this version is easier to solve than the standard 3×3.

Top Rubik’s Cube Brands in the Market 

Looking to buy a Rubik’s cube?

You might want to buy from trusted sellers, as you don’t want to deal with issues like fading stickers, easy breakage, dull colors, and so on. Below, I have listed a few very trusted sellers you should consider buying from.

1. Hasbro

Hasbro is an American toy and board game firm that has managed to take its operations global. As a matter of fact, it happens to be the 3rd largest toy maker in the world.

With that said, we all can agree that Hasbro has what it takes to make quality Rubik’s cubes. In fact, Hasbro is arguably the most trusted Rubik’s cube seller in the market today.

The huge number of the sales and great customer reviews on Amazon are proof of its dedication to quality and excellent customer service.

If you’ve bought a cube before, maybe you’ve had trouble figuring out where to keep it after use. Hasbro makes that a past issue for you. when you buy from them, you receive a classy display stand, where you can keep your cube when you’re not using it.

That will actually give you a sense of having a piece of art in your house or office rather than just a toy.

Apart from that, you receive a solution guide to help you through the learning process, particularly if you’re a beginner.

2. Winning Moves Games

Winning Moves Games is a classic puzzle games and action games maker based in Massachusetts, USA.

This company picked up rights to produce the Rubik’s cube in 2000, and it has since been an industry leader in selling this highly-regarded puzzle game.

Winning Moves Games is known to produce very elegant Rubik’s cubes, such as The Original Rubik’s Cube, and the Rubik’s 2×2 cube.

This company normally produces different styles of the cube, like the 2×2, the 3×3, and so on.

The most notable thing about its cubes is that they have very unique turning action – it’s easy, smooth, and without lockups.

Then again, its cubes have simple color concepts that are bright and very easy to distinguish.

3. aGreatLife

aGreatLife is an industry leader in the toy and puzzle games industry; it’s based in the US.

If you’re interested in a company that focuses on buiding valuable relationships with its clients, you should certainly consider aGreatLife.

When you buy your cube from them, just upload a picture using the cube to Instagram with the hashtag #aGreatLife. Then, email the photo to [email protected] and you could win an Amazon gift card worth $50.

Isn’t that amazing?

Apart from that, this company is very keen on customer satisfaction. With regard to that, their cubes are some of the best in the market. They have rounded corners to ensure there’s a smooth transition between layers as you turn the cube, and the corner cutting tolerance is great.

In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with its cubes, you there’s a full money-back guarantee covering you.

4. Puzgic

Puzgic is a comprehensive Chinese toy producing company that integrates gradual development into excellent design to offer you some of the top quality Rubik’s cubes in the market.

This firm is the manufacturer of the renowned Amazing Smart Cube that has helped reduce anxiety in adults and kids not only in China but also other parts of the world, including the US.

Their cubes are particularly outstanding due to their elegant colors – these shades are attractive and brilliant to help you differentiate them easily. That’s a very useful trait, especially if you’re looking to speedcube.

With Puzgic cubes, you no longer have to stop just to confirm that that cubie is colored orange and not red.

In addition to that, Puzgic cubes are known to have great corner cutting tolerance, allowing you to reach your maximum speeds without the cube popping. Also, you can adjust Puzgic cubes to your preferred tension levels.

5. D-FantiX

Do you have a touch for online stores? Well, here is one that you can depend on to deliver great cubes.

D-FantiX happens to be one of the biggest and most reliable cube brands online and it ships around the globe. This online store is dedicated to providing you with exceptional online shopping experience, with superior puzzle cube varieties and excellent customer support.

Although the store started out as a small group of youths back in 2014, it has grown tremendously. This can be attributed to their great passion and dedication to customer satisfaction. For that, the store prides itself as the number 1 puzzle cubes seller on Amazon.

D-FantiX combines high-grade designs with good value to offer you just what you’re looking for in a Rubik’s cube.

Their cubes come with colored plastic, eliminating the need for stickers. That means no peeling or fading, problems that are normally associated with stickered cubes. Moreover, their cubes are made from eco-friendly ABS plastics, which are non-toxic, lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

6. Shengshou

ShengShou is a China-based company that is widely recognized for being the first company to produce a high-quality 4×4 speed cube. That was back in 2012. The firm has since expanded to produce many other Rubik’s cube styles, including 5x5s, 3x3s, and even megaminxes.

This firm is also recognized for producing the ShengShou 3 x 3 Mirror Cube, a fantastic mirror-like cube – if you have a touch for fancy cubes, you should check this one out, seriously.

Looking to buy a good Rubik’s cube pack? Great! ShengShou is here to make sure that your cubing experience is seamless. With regard to that, ShengShou offers you a cube pack containing a 2×2, a 3×3, a 4×4, and a 5×5.

Why a 3×3 only, then going back online to seek out a 4×4 and later a 5×5 when you could just buy a pack? Once you’ve mastered a simpler cube, you can just open your drawer and start mastering a more complicated one.

ShengShou cubes are known to be of great quality with smooth turning and high corner cutting capabilities. They’re handy for learners and expert cubers alike.

7. Suvevic

Suvevic is yet another online-based brand that provides some of the most highly-regarded cubes on the internet. They typically sell their products through large online retailers like Amazon.

This brand produces a wide assortment of Rubik’s cubes, including 2x2s, 3x3s, 4x4s, and more.

The most notable feature in Suvevic cubes is that they are made with a new, improved springs design. This allows you to finely adjust the cube’s tension to your preferred levels.

That way, you can easily enjoy your ultimate speed and smoothness.

Are you a pro solver? With Suvevic speed cubes, you get to enjoy professional performance. In that regard, these cubes have excellent corner cutting tolerance and again, the tightness is adjustable.

Suvevic is one of the brands that care a lot for their customers, and for that, a full-money back guarantee covers you just in case anything goes wrong with the cube.

8. Dreampark

Looking to have the most up-to-date cube? Dreampark vows to make that possible for you.

Established back in 2014, this Chinese company has emerged into a leading manufacturer of quality, up-to-date cubes.

The company is dedicated to constant improvement of products, and to ensuring that its customers have the best shopping experience.

The firm has undertaken to keep your satisfaction its top priority. For that reason, it hires only the most talented and professional workers, to ensure that the products are faultless.

That is why the brand has received so much international acclaim.

Looking to get a cube as a gift for someone? Then you’ve got to consider getting a Dreampark cube. These cubes are typically very beautiful with attractive color schemes, and that’s why they make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Dreampark cubes are manufactured from original, eco-friendly ABS plastics, which are lightweight, long-lasting and gentle to both you and the environment.

These cubes are designed with innovative anti-pop technology and structures to make it possible for you to turn the cube fast and smoothly without having to worry about the cube falling apart.

Highlighted features:

  • Revolutionary anti-pop technology
  • Vivid, easily distinguishable colors
  • Faultless turning mechanism
  • Official safety certification

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​ About the Rubik’s Cubes

1. Who invented the Rubik’s Cube?

Erno Rubik. He was an architecture university professor in Budapest, Hungary. That was back in 1974.

2. How many small square cubes are there on the Rubik’s cube?

There are 26 small square cubes (also known as cubies or cubelets) on the Rubik’s cube. Only 20 of these are movable.

3. What colors are on the Rubik’s cube?

There are normally 6 colors on the Rubik’s cube. There’s red, which is normally opposite orange, green, which is opposite blue, and white, white is typically opposite yellow.

4. What’s the difference between a stickered and a stickerless cube?

A stickered cube is one that gets its colors from colored stickers. Normally, you can just remove these stickers and rearrange them if you’re unable to solve the cube legitimately.

A stickerless cube, on the other hand, is one that gets its colors from colored plastic. In other words, you can only solve the cube legitimately; no cheating.

5. I’m new to cubing. Where can I get the best Rubik’s cube?

There’s a wide range of sellers. Some are online and other have physical stores. If you’re looking for the most convenient way to get a cube, I’d recommend checking what has to offer. There, you can compare different styles and prices, and you can check what people are saying about different sellers.

6. What a Rubik’s cube configuration should I get?

There are different configurations, starting with a 2×2, then a 3×3, then a 4×4, and so on. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend starting with the lowest configuration, climbing the ladder as your skills improve.

Final Word

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I will leave you with wise words that Professor Rubik, the cube’s inventor, said, “If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.”

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