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Top 10 Best Speed Cube Reviews: Which One Choose In 2020?

Just getting started with speed cubing?

Maybe you want to grow your speed but your old crappy Rubik’s cube won’t let you. Or, you want to get a gift for someone special and the only thing that seems to cross your mind is a speed cube.

The problem is, there are numerous speed cube brands and models out there, and choosing the right one might be a bit challenging especially if you’re only venturing into speed cubing. To get the right one, you would have to waste time and cash testing different models, and who knows how many crappy cubes you’d come across? And who’s got that time anyway?

You’re in luck, for I have done the hard work for you and all that’s left is for you to go through this review. Here, I will show you the best speed cubes available and help you get them conveniently. I will also give you a few tips for choosing the right speed cube; that is, one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you don't have time to read the whole article, check our top 5 picks below in short!

What Exactly Is the Speed Cube?

A speed cube looks like a normal Rubik’s cube, only that it is designed for high speed.

The internal mechanism of this cube is loose to allow you to turn its layers with ease. The cube also has high corner cutting capability and seldom gets stuck between moves.

Normally, a speed cube’s pieces aren’t stickered. Instead of using stickers as color, the cube is made of colored plastics that differentiate the pieces. Thus, with a speed cube, you needn’t worry about the stickers peeling off or getting worn out because of the quick moves.

If you really look to become a speed cuber, you’ve got to get a speed cube. Fortunately, these days, you can use a stickerless cube in the speed cubing competitions.

Now, let’s examine the top-rated speed cubes in the market today.

Our Top 10 Best Speed Cube Reviews 2019

1. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3 by 3 Speed Cube

Want the best 3X3 speed cube? I’d recommend the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3.

One of the benefits of having this speedcube is that it is designed to suit people of all ages. You can get it for your kids so their intelligence improves or get it to relieve yourself from the pressures of your work. The cube also helps prevent or slow down memory deterioration in the elderly.

And, it doesn’t matter what your playing level or experience is. Whether you’re a pro player or just a rookie, the cube will work just fine for you.

That is mainly because of the cube’s ergonomic design that blends good value with high performance. In that regard, the cube has 6 colored faces. The color is built-in so that you never have to worry about the inconvenience that comes with stickers.

Then again, the cube is manufactured using ABS plastic materials that are not only non-toxic and reliable but also lightweight and harmless to both humans and the environment. Moreover, the ABS materials make the cube comfortable to hold in the hands.

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3 by 3 has awesome stability with excellent corner cutting and adjustable tension. For that, the cube rarely corner twists or even gets locked up.

And, now that the cube comes already tensioned and lubricated, it is perfect for those looking for optimal control and for those of you looking to beat a personal record or have an edge at competitions.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Outstanding corner cutting
  • check
    Adjustable tension
  • check
  • check
    Great control
  • check
    Difficult to pop
  • check

2. Puzgic 3x3 Speed Cube

If you have a taste for elegance, the Puzgic 3x3 Speed Cube is ideal for you.

The cube has a super cool appearance and looks great in homes and offices. Because of its elegant look, the Puzgic 3x3 is one of the awesome cubes you can give to your loved ones as a gift.

With great corner cutting ability, the cube makes it possible for you to perform super quick moves without worrying about popping or stalling corners.

Once you get the cube, you might want to lower or increase the speed. This speed cube allows you to do that, as its tension is fully adjustable.

Another reason for getting the Puzgic 3x3 Speed Cube is that it’s constructed from plastic materials that are safe for you and the environment around you. You can get one for your 5-year old without worrying about their little tender hands getting ruined.

Contrary to the traditional Rubik’s cube, the Puzgic 3x3 Speed Cube doesn’t contain stickers, which are known to peel off after using the cube for a while. Instead, it has colored plastics, which are durable, allowing you to enjoy speed cubing for a long time.

With the cube’s smoothness, high precision, and tension-adjustable design, you will, without doubt have an easy time speed cubing.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Aesthetically appealing 
  • check
    Smooth faces
  • check
    High precision
  • check
    No stickers
  • check
  • check
    Safe materials

3. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4x4 Speed Cube

Maybe you started with a 2x2, went on to a 3x3, and want to follow that training pattern. In that case, the next stage is a 4x4.

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4x4 is undoubtedly the one of the great 4x4 speed cube available, in that it combines excellent performance with great value.  

 With regard to that, this speed-cube is able to cut corners not only fast but also conveniently (without popping). The cube’s stability is excellent even in the middle of extra-fast rotations.

Another awesome thing about this cube is that its pieces are smooth, and thus the cube will feel comfortable in your hands. Also, without any peeling stickers, there’s nothing to derail your speed.

Remember, a stickerless cube lasts longer than one with stickers as plastics don’t peel off or fade easily while stickers do.

Being constructed from the eco-friendly ABS plastics, the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4x4 is safe for you and your surroundings. It’s also sturdy and resistant to wear, and lasts for a very long time.

This 4x4 cube comes already lubed and tensioned, and ready for use. Nonetheless, you can tension it as you prefer.

As the cube features a great turning mechanism coupled up with smooth pieces, your solving speed is all in your hands.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Great stability
  • check
    Pre-tensioned and pre-lubed
  • check
  • check
    Smooth pieces
  • check
    Smooth pieces

4. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2 Speed Cube

Looking for the best speed cube for beginners? I’d encourage you to get the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2.

First, as a beginner, it will be easier to start from the bottom all the way up. With this cool 2x2 speed cube from D-FantiX, you will be able to grasp the speed cubing concept with ease and once your skills improve, you can move on to a 3x3.  

The best thing about this cube is that it’s from one of the most reputable brands in the market and again, it features exceptional performance. As a matter of fact, it strikes a great balance between performance and affordability, making it ideal for a beginner, even one with a limited budget.

With an innovative anti-pop design and an upgraded turning mechanism, you’re able to turn the cube’s layers faster while balancing the corners. The cube gives you total control and helps you achieve your optimal speed effortlessly.

As a D-FantiX product, this cube is made from ABS plastics, which make it not just non-toxic and safe but also lightweight. That means, also, that the cube is long-lasting in that ABS plastics are able to resist wear.

The conventional stickers are replaced with colored plastics, so you won’t deal with issues like peeling or fading.

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2 gives you full customization power with regard to speed in that it lets you adjust the tension.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Solution guide
  • check
  • check
    Anti-pop design 
  • check
    Anti-pop design
  • check
  • check
    Customizable tension

5. Roxenda Speed Cube Set of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5

Maybe you want a product that makes it possible to go through various cubing stages without having to return to the shop each time you’re done with a level. In that case, a speed cube set would be perfect. And what better speedcube set is there than the Roxenda Speed-Cube Set?

This speed cube set supports four cubing levels, from 2x2 all the way to 5x5.

With improved anti-pop structures and features for super-smooth cornering, you have a perfect chance to become the speed cubing champion you long to be.

All the cubes in the set feature adjustable tension with no stalling corners.

With a corner cutting tolerance of 43°, the cube’s stability is perfect. On top of that, the internal corners are somewhat rounded, making it easier for you to execute quick moves more quickly.

 I bet you care about the environment and don’t look to get anything that would pollute it, right? In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that all the cubes in the set are made from recyclable ABS plastics that are non-poisonous. These materials are safe to the environment and gentle on your skin.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Safe to humans and the environment
  • check
    Great corner cutting tolerance
  • check
    Rounded internal corners
  • check
    Many cubes in one for various cubing levels
  • check
    Adjustable tension

6. Shengshou 7x7 Speed Cube, Black

There are those of us who are accustomed to stickered cubes, and don’t intend to shift to the stickerless world.

In that case, you want to get a cube whose stickers are sturdy; stickers that won’t fade or peel off any time soon. The Shengshou 7x7 Speed Cube perfectly fits that description.

This cube’s stickers are made from PVC, which makes them robust and able to withstand harsh handling for a long time without fading or peeling.

For your information, the Shengshou 7x7 Speed Cube is widely used. The high popularity among speed cubers tells you that the cube has excellent value and that it’s user-friendly.

The cube is spring structured, making the turns smooth and easy to do, and the lockups rare. With its great anti-pop technology, there’s nothing limiting your speed.

Even though the cube is a 7x7, it’s not as big as you’d imagine. It measures 7.7 cm on each side, and thus fits in one hand.

So, if you’re done with lower cubing levels and want something more challenging, get this 7x7 speed cube by Shengshou.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    PVC stickers that don’t peel or fade easily
  • check
  • check
    Smooth turns
  • check
    Rare lockups
  • check

7. Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube

This is yet another product that’s meant for those looking for high-quality 3X3 speed cube.

The Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube presents an excellent gift idea as it has great aesthetic value. It features black pieces with colored edges to differentiate the faces. The color scheme is just wonderful.

This cube is designed with a robust anti-pop technology with upgraded mechanisms that permit quick turning while providing exceptional corner cutting.

With its smooth cubelets and easy turning, you won’t need much effort to execute your moves. You will also have greater control of the cube and the layers as they turn. This means increased efficiency and reduced solving time.

Want to get this cube for your child? You don’t need to be worried about their hands. That’s because the cube is manufactured from non-toxic ABS plastics.

The other advantage with ABS plastics is that they are long-lasting.

The cube is stickered but that shouldn’t put you off, as the stickers are sturdy and non-fading with vivid colors. For those looking for a delightful visual experience, this is the cube to purchase.

The Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube comes tensioned and lubed, and as it is adjustable, the cube allows you to customize it as you like. It even has an instructional manual that helps you use it with ease.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Lightweight – 87g
  • check
    Non-toxic ABS materials
  • check
    Vivid, attractive colors
  • check
    Instructional manual
  • check
    Sturdy stickers

8. ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube

Looking for the best megaminx speed cube?

Your best choice would be the ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube. It’s an exceptional megaminx that is designed for speed.

The megaminx has a dodecahedron shape with 50 pieces that are movable as opposed to a 3x3 speed cube, which has 20.

This kind of cube is a little more complex than a 3x3; it presents you with a real challenge and for that, the cube has got to be faultless.

One of the greatest pros of the ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube is that its layers slide quickly and seamlessly. It comes pre-lubed and tensioned for super-fast, convenient turning.

The megaminx’s pieces are made of ABS plastics that are durable and safe to you and the environment. With colored cublets that have a black outline, the cube looks very appealing and will without doubt lighten your home or office.

For a megaminx, a weight of just 2.2 pounds is light and convenient.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Beautiful color scheme
  • check
    Harmless materials
  • check
    Easy, seamless turning
  • check

9. MoYu 3x3 YJ Yulong Cube

Maybe you’re looking for something different from the conventional Rubik’s cube. How about a transparent speed cube?

The MoYu 3x3 YJ Yulong Cube is a transparent speed cube that uses built-in colors rather than stickers to differentiate the faces. The transparent nature is unique and quite awesome.

I would recommend this cube for an intermediate or a skilled cuber. That’s because the colors often blend together particularly with inadequate lighting, thereby requiring you to use your expertise to play efficiently.

A most notable advantage of this cube is that it has very smooth cubelets. That way, you can rest assured it will feel comfortable to hold and use.

Another benefit of this cube is that it has excellent corner cutting tolerance. And, with a great internal design, you can start a new move without completing the previous one fully.

The beautiful thing is, you get to enjoy all that without worrying about the pieces getting jammed.

The fact that this cube does not have stickers allows you to manipulate it as you please without worrying about the colors fading or the stickers falling out.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Unique design
  • check
  • check
    Turns smoothly
  • check
    Great corne​​​​r cutting

10. Dreampark Pyramid Speed Cube

Here is another speed cube designed for those who want to break away from traditional speed cubing with a normal Rubik’s cube.

The Dreampark Pyramid Speed Cube is a great pyraminx that features super smooth, quick turning.

The pieces have vibrant colors with black edges. It’s an awesome color scheme that you will love. The colors come from stickers, which are made of PVC. That makes them durable. Also, the cube has ABS plastics, which are non-toxic and recyclable.

With the pieces being super smooth, you can be sure that hours of solving will not leave your hands hurting.  

A pyraminx is arguably easier to solve than an ordinary 3x3 speed cube. Thus, if you’re looking to introduce your kids to speed cubing, it might be better to have them start with the Dreampark Pyramid Speed Cube.

That way, you can be certain their transition to 3x3 speed cube solving will be easy.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Smooth and quick turning
  • check
    Non-toxic materials
  • check
    PVC stickers
  • check
    Smooth cubelets

11. ShengShou 5x5 Speed Cube

After learning the 3x3 and 4x4 speed cubes, it would be a good time to advance to the next level, the 5x5 speed cube. With that said, ShengShou offers you one of the finest 5x5s in the market today.

One of the pros of the ShengShou 5x5 Speed Cube is that it has quick, crisp turning with admirable cornering.

A 5x5 speed cube is not very easy to solve. That is why the manufacturers have designed this cube such that you can open it up and adjust the tension as you please.

The cube comes with high-grade PVC stickers that will last a long time without fading of peeling off.

This cube has an ABS plastic construction. That not only makes it last a long time but also makes it harmless to humans and the environment.

Worried that a 5x5 will not fit in your hands? Relax. This is not an ordinary 5x5. It is built with small hands in mind, and therefore, it’s small enough for most people to hold.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Lightweight and portable
  • check
    Lightweight and portable
  • check
    Safe ABS plastics
  • check
    Quick, crisp turning

12. Xtimer X-V6 3x3 Speed Cube

The Xtimer X-V6 3x3 Speed Cube is one of the most elegant speed cubes I have come across.

It has super cool, beautiful colors that you can easily tell apart. For that reason, if speed is really your target, you’ve got to try this one. You wont waste time trying to differentiate between orange and yellow.

The cube is also stickerless, and the colors are built-in. Thus, you won’t have to spend money replacing faded or worn-out stickers.

The good thing is, the plastics are eco-friendly, long-lasting, recyclable, and safe to humans and the environment alike.

With an improved anti-pop technology, you can take your speed to the maximum without worrying that the cube will fall apart. The cornering is also great, and hence there will be minimal to zero jamming issues holding you back.

With a 6 Axis customizable spring design, a robust PA plastic construction, and anti-fall features, the Xtimer X-V6 would be a fantastic choice if you need something that will give you an edge in cubing competitions.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Super-fast turning
  • check
    Anti-fall features
  • check
    Anti-fall features
  • check
    Robust PA plastic
  • check
    Adjustable spring design
  • check
    Brilliant colors
  • check
    Solving guide

Things to Consider Before a Buying Speed Cube

Like most other products, speed cubes are not the same. They come with distinct features that make them great, good, bad or simply terrible. Over the years, I have come across all sorts of speed cubes and studied how to differentiate them based on quality and performance.

In this section, I will be sharing my knowledge with you so you can make informed choices when shopping for speed cubes. Here are the qualities you need to look for:


This is without the most obvious feature you should be considering. Try rotating those layers. How simple or hard is it to rotate them? Ideally, the layers should rotate easily with the movement of your fingers; they shouldn’t require you to apply much force.  

Speed cubes normally have 2 types of turning – fast or smooth.

Fast turning

A cube with fast turning feels light and usually needs incredibly low effort to turn. Such a cube has minimal friction between the layers, and therefore, turns feel light with little to no resistance. Some fast turning cubes also happen to be scratchy and dry, and they produce distinct sounds when its layers turn. 

Benefit – the little friction/resistance between the layers lets you perform your moves at a very high speed.

Drawback – the fast turns and the little resistance make it hard to control the cube.

Smooth turning

A cube with smooth turning feels great with fluid-flowing layer turns that have high precision. Contrary to the fast turning speed cubes, these ones appear to have layers that rest on one another gracefully.

Also, these cubes have a little resistance between the layers. This help to make the moves smooth and precise. Unlike the fast turning ones, the smooth turning speed cubes are not dry or scratchy, and they don’t make sounds while turning.

Benefit – the smooth turns coupled up with the little resistance offer you control and the ability to execute precise moves.

Drawback – speed is somewhat compromised.

Your choice between the 2 types of turning is, actually, a matter of personal preferences.

Want to know what I think? If you’re a beginner, go for a smooth-turning speed cube as it allows you more control. However, if you’re a pro solver, you can go for a fast-turning speed cube. I’d imagine that you have already mastered control and that’s no longer a problem no matter how loose your cube gets, right? As a pro solver, your primary concern is speed.

If your fast-turning speed cube gets too loose and out of control, try lubing it with a thicker lube (50k traxxas will do). This will make it a bit slower but it will give you a little more control.

In case your smooth-turning cube gets too rigid, use a thin, light lube (like Calvin’s) to increase its speed. You will, nonetheless, lose some degree of control.

2.Corner Cutting

Think of corner cutting as a short cut. Rather than a layer having to wait till an intersecting layer finishes its turn, it can just start off its turn.

Good and bad corner cutting

Most folks imagine that the higher the cube’s corner cutting angle, the better the cube’s corner cutting ability. But, does more always translate into better?

Consider two speed cubes, A and B. Speed cube corner cuts 45° while speed cube B corner cuts only 43°.

When speed cube A corner cuts, you can actually notice the corner cut, as the cube executes the cut harshly and dramatically, with a clacking sound. As a result, both your speed and the flow of the algorithm are compromised.

On the other hand, speed cube B executes the corner cut effortlessly. In fact, you hardly notice or feel the corner cut.

I am not saying that all speed cubes with 45° corner cutting tolerance are bad. I’m only pointing out that a higher corner cutting angle doesn’t actually mean a better corner cutting ability. Good corner cutting should allow you to focus on the flow of your algorithm without distractions.

That’s vital for super-quick enjoyable solves.


Jamming refers to when a layer or piece gets entangled with another layer or piece.

The most common kind of jamming is when a corner piece catches on a center piece or when edge pieces catch on other edge pieces.

The problem with jamming is that it disrupts the flow of algorithm executions. Jamming can range from mild, where you don’t even notice the problem, to serious, where it happens every now and then in a way that actually slows you down terribly.

Some of the most common causes of jamming include bad corner cutting and high turning speed.

4.Tension and Lubrication

Tension refers to the tightness of the cube. This has a lot to do with the tightness of the cube’s internal mechanism and the tightness of its screws and springs.

Like the turning style, tension really depends on your preferences.

Just to be safe, I’d advice you to go for a speed cube whose tension is adjustable. That means you can take the cube apart (crumble it) and adjust those screws to your preferred tension levels.

Speed cubes have internal pieces sliding against one another, and thus lubrication is crucial. This presents another good reason for getting a speed cube that can be taken apart.

The only type of lube I’d recommend for a speed cube is a silicone lube. Amazingly, some sorts of silicone lube are designed specifically for speed cubes. There are both thick and thin silicone lubes; be sure to get the one that fits your cube.

If yours is a fast-turning cube, a thicker lube would be better but if it’s a smooth-turning cube, a thicker lube would be more applicable.

Speed Cube Vs Regular Cube: What Is Difference?

Are you having a hard time making a choice between a speed cube and a regular Rubik’s cube?

This section will scrutinize the two cube categories and help you pick the one that fits you best.

Let’s look at them individually first.

The Speed Cube

As its name suggests, the speed cube is designed specifically for speed. Its core mechanism is loose so that you can turn its layers effortlessly. A good speed cube is one that corner cuts without the pieces getting caught/jammed between moves.

A speed cube is usually not stickered. Instead of using stickers to differentiate the pieces, this cube uses colored plastics. Therefore, with this cube you never have worry about the color disappearing because the stickers fell off or faded.

If your main aim is to be a speed cuber, I’d encourage you to get a speed cube. In the past, stickerless cubes were not allowed in world cubing competitions but luckily, that law is no longer applicable. You can now use a speed cube in competitions.

There is one drawback with the speed cube however, and this particularly affects the beginners. As a beginner, you might find a speed cube too loose to control. Of course, this might not be a problem to experienced cubers that have already mastered control.

Fortunately, there is a way in which you can deal with the issue. There are 2 types of speed cubes with regard to the turning style – fast turning and smooth turning ones. Fast-turning speed cubes have virtually no resistance between the layers; they’re meant for maximum turning speed but controlling them is hard unless you’re experienced.

The smooth-turning ones, on the other hand, have some degree of resistance even though they’re not as fast as the fast-turning ones.

If you’re a beginner and want to go into speed cubing, I recommend going for a smooth-turning speed cube, as it will give you a bit of control.

The Regular Cube

This type of cube is not designed for speed but rather for ordinary cubing.

A regular cube’s core mechanism has quite some tension, and as a result, the pieces might get stuck between turns.

Regular cubes normally have stickers, which differentiate the faces.  

You can easily learn how to solve the regular cube at home, as the cube offers you control. In case you make wrong moves or need to redo an algorithm, you can just remove the stickers, rearrange them correctly, and start your sequence of moves once more.


If you’re a new cuber and are just learning the ropes, get a regular time; it will give you an easy time practicing. But, if you’re more experienced and already know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, you can get a speed cube with your preferred turning style.

Benefits of Playing the Speed Cube

There are numerous benefits of playing the speed cube, especially considering your health.

Science has already found that engaging in activities that involve solving puzzles benefits the human brain tremendously.

For instance, solving the speed cube helps maintain your memory even in old age. If you know someone who’s at risk of age-related forgetfulness, give them a speed cube as a gift and have them learn how to solve it.

Also, it helps you improve your ability to concentrate in activities without getting distracted. This helps you in your daily activities including work (or studies if you’re a student).

Another benefit to the mind is that your hand-eye coordination improves, as it involves seeing, after which the brain sends impulses to the hands for action based on what you’ve seen. Assuming you normally drive or operate any machinery, the improved hand-eye coordination will profit you a lot.

Solving a speed cube, particularly for beginners, is not easy. To learn and become an expert solver, you need to be patience. Therefore, solving the speed cube improves your patience. It also increases your learning capacity.

Doctors believe that solving the Rubik’s cube is good for the human brain. This is from the strong belief that new, exciting, and challenging exercises are advantageous to the brain. While learning something as engaging as the Rubik’s cube, the neurons in your brain stay alive.

In summary, here are the benefits of solving the speed cube:

To the brain:

  • Memorization
  • 3-d special awareness
  • Pattern recognition

Problem solving skills:

  • Breaking problems into steps
  • Reframing the problem

Physical benefits:                                  

  • Physical benefits:
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Betters finger dexterity and agility

How to Take Care of Your Speed Cube

When you take care of your speed cube properly, you not only make it last longer but also give it better turning even at high speeds.

Once you purchase a new speed cube, the first thing you need to do is clean and lube it before you use it. I don’t mean that you can’t remove your cube from the box and start turning it immediately; of course, you can do that. However, cleaning it and lubing it sets it up for excellent performance.

Some cubes come already lubed; that’s good. However, the lube used by the manufacturer isn’t as good as the market’s efficient lubes, like Maru or Z-lube. Such good lubes help your cube’s core perform better.

It’s also advisable to clean and lube your cube from time to time, maybe once per month.

Here are the procedures you need to follow to clean and lube your speed cube:

            i. Disassemble the cube
            ii. Clean the pieces with water
            iii. Dry the pieces
            iv. Apply the lube on the spring and the center piece
            v. Reassemble the pieces
            vi. Tension the cube to your preferred tightness

By repeating the process once every month, you get to enjoy high cube performance and get to keep your cube for longer.

Top Speed Cube Brands in the Market


If you have noted, there are several D-FantiX cubes on the review section. Why? That’s because I’d like you to enjoy the wonderful value that this brand offers you.

D-FantiX is undoubtedly one of the top puzzle cube brand, with operations throughout the world.

This brand is committed to providing you with the ultimate online shopping experience. With regard to that, it stocks a wide array of puzzle cubes including 2x2s, 3x3s, 4x4s, and more.

Though the brand was started a few years ago (in 2014), it has experienced tremendous growth. This can be attributed to the fact that it serves its customers excellently and they, in return, spread the word about it.


Roxenda is popularly known as the great provider of speed cube sets. If you need a solution that will help you not to keep returning to the shop each time you’re done mastering a speed cubing level, then you’ve got to try Roxenda.

A most unique benefit of buying from Roxenda is the support that accompanies its products. Its customer service reps are ever ready to respond to your queries and help you use your new speed cube without hassles. Also, Roxenda speed cubes are covered by a lifetime replacement warranty.


Shengshou is a Chinese firm that is widely recognized for introducing the first worthy 4x4 speed cube back in 2012.

Since then, the company has expanded to produce cubes with other orientations, including 3x3s and 5x5s. It even stocks megaminxes nowadays.

If you look to buy a speed cube pack, Shengshou is another place to consider. You can get a pack that contains orientations from 2x2 all the way to 5x5 and avoid frequent trips to the shop.

Shengshou is a trusted brand in the market with regard to quality. Its speed cubes are known to turn with ease and they feature great corner cutting tolerance.


How about an African brand? Exciting, isn’t it?

Most of us agree that Africa is a fantastic place especially when it comes to tours and retreats. But, did you know that Africa is the place that the world’s best producers are now looking to as the next best investment destination?

Moyu is a Cape Town-based firm that promotes and sells amazing speed cubes to both the African market and the world at large via the internet.

If you want something with the unique African touch, try the MoYu 3x3 YJ Yulong Cube. I guarantee that something exceptionally unique awaits.

Rules of Playing Speed Cube

The speed cube is composed of many cubelets (smaller cubes) held together normally by screws or magnets and arranged into various layers. The object of the game is to align the layers in a way that each face has its distinct color.

There are no specific rules to solving the speed cube, though there are particular procedures and algorithms people follow to help them solve it.

Wondering what an algorithm is? That’s just a series of moves that cubers use to solve the speed cube.

There are numerous different ways of solving the cube; some are simple and some are advanced but the most common one is known as CFOP (acronym for cross, first 2 layers, orientation of last layer, and permutation of the last layer).

An obvious rule of solving the speed cube is that you shouldn’t cheat. Some cubes come with stickers that you can remove and rearrange correctly to give the impression of having solved the cube correctly. That’s okay when you’re learning but in a cubing competition, that would be illegitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Speed Cubing

1. How do I lubricate my speed cube?

You have two options here. You can either dimantle the cube and spray every piece with the lubricant or you can take out a piece or two and spray the cube’s interiors.

Silicone-based lubricants happen to be good lubricants for lubing the speed cube. Lubix is one of the most popular lubes for speed cubes.

Ensure that you don’t use any WD-40 lubes as they contain petroleum products, which can damage the cube’s plastics.

Some cubers use petroleum jelly to ease the stiffness of some brand new, store-bought cubes. While that might be okay, don’t use petroleum jelly as lube. Use it once then do away with it.

2. How do I keep the screws from loosening while turning the cube?

This objective also features several options, including the following:

  • check
    Replacing the core
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    Replacing the screws
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    Gluing them in place

3. Which one is better: smooth or textured tiles?

Both types of tiles are durable and obviously better than stickers. As for the best type, again, it’s all about your preference.

Textured tiles provide you with a good grip, and that can be very helpful if your hands happen to be oily, moist or sweaty. They keep the cube from slipping while rotating it. But if your hands are totally okay and you don’t want something bumpy, smooth tiles would be great.

4.How fast should I be to participate in cubing competitions?

There is no speed requirement for participation in cubing competitions.

In fact, even the US Nationals and other high-level competitions are open to everyone. But of course, like all other games, there are stages that you have to pass to make it to the finals.

Maybe you’re not very fast or experienced in speed cubing. I’d advise you to still participate in the competitions as you will get to interact and learn from more experienced and skilled cubers.

5. What is the fastest cubing method?

The Fridrich method happens to be the most popular solving method and is also widely considered as the fastest one. Other methods that seem to be gaining popularity include ZZ, Roux, and Petrus.

Many top cubers use the Fridrich method. For that reason, I would recommend that as you progress and become more experienced in speed cubing, you learn the Fridrich method.

6. What’s the easiest speed cubing method?

The simplest method for a beginner is, arguably, the LBL (acronym for layer by layer) method. The method involves solving the first layer, then the second, and finally the last layer step by step.

This method is very basic and easy to grasp. But, this method is suitable only for beginners, as it’s quite inefficient with regard to speed.

There are other beginner-friendly methods; some focus on shorter algorithms and more intuitive solving. But, LBL is the method that allows you to transition to the expert method, Fridrich, most easily.

7. What speed cubing method involves the least number of moves?

Petrus is the most popular method that involves the least number of moves. Though it’s not really designed for high speed, the method happens to be very efficient compared to other methods.

Heise is yet another method that involves few moves. This method is highly intuitive but the disadvantage is that it’s quite hard to master.

As you advance your speed cubing skills, you will gain more insight into a whole new world of cubing moves and discover easier means of solving the speed cube with fewer moves.

8. How can increase my speed?

The secret (and it shouldn’t be a secret at all) is practice. That’s the key to getting faster.

While practicing, have a stopwatch nearby. Usually, as you practice, your solving time will drop gradually. Once you can solve the cube in one minute or less using the layer by layer method, it’s time to learn a new, more advanced method. That will help you reduce your solving time considerably.

Experiment with speed cubing tricks, and work on reducing your move count.

Work on lowering your move count, look ahead and experiment with tricks. Don’t hesitate to learn new algorithms.

As you start, don’t rush. First work on gaining control over the cube. As you gain experience, you may shift your focus to reducing the move count.

There’s something else you need to know about improving your speed – you need a speed cube rather than an ordinary Rubik’s cube. Speed cubes, like the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4x4 Speed Cube, as specifically designed for speed. For instance, their core mechanism is looser than that of the ordinary Rubik’s cubes.

9. Guess I just invented a new speed solving method, have I?

Perhaps not. If you don’t completely understand the concept behind the major methods of solving the speed cube (such as Petrus, Waterman, ZZ, Roux, CFOP, and LBL), then it’s highly unlikely that your method is new.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t learned advanced solving methods like ZB, MGLS, and Heise, then you’ve got to reconsider the possibility of having discovered a new speed cubing method.

Nonetheless, if you’re convinced that your method is totally new, Google it and see if there’s anything on it.

Final Word

The best speed cube is a relative term that depends on personal preferences. Some people love aesthetic value while others love performance.

However, based on an average of all that you should consider when choosing a speed cube, the products listed in the review section make up the leading speed cubes in the market today.

Be sure to go through the buying guide section to understand the factors you’ve got to take into consideration to get one that fits you.

 I guess there’s someone in your life that has a taste for puzzles. Why not share this article with them and help them find a speed cube that fits them?

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