How to Decorate a Room with a Lava Lamp

How to Decorate a Room with a Lava Lamp

Do you know what makes lava lamps so calming?

They emit light but the light is not too bright to illuminate the entire room; they are more of mood lighteners.

But, more importantly, the movement of the fluids within them is incredible. It’s as though they’re a replication of the movements of the lava at the core of the earth, and boy are they fantastic!

So, if you’re looking to decorate your room, we recommend incorporating some lava lamps in there, and we guarantee they will add some sparkle to your space.

They say that lava lamps are best used for decorating bedrooms, party rooms, and studio apartments, but actually, we believe you can use them anywhere even in your office.

Wouldn’t you like something to keep your eyes busy when they’re off the computer screen? Oh – and the soothing effect! You got to try it!

But how do you actually go about decorating a room with lava lamps? Let’s get down to business.

Steps for decorating a room with lava lamps

i. Get some suitable lava lamps

You have two options – either buy them or make them at home using basic household ingredients. You can buy them from Amazon at around 10 to 100 bucks per piece. If you prefer to go down the fun way of making them at home, this article should be helpful.

For those who prefer to buy a lava lamp, there is a wide array of design options. Here are some of the common lava lamp designs:

1. Aluminum Lava Lamp

Simply put, the aluminum lava lamp has a cap and base made of aluminum polished to a glossy finish. This one is perfect for kitchens but take care not to get caught in the melting lava action and forget to stir that soup!

2. Classic Blue Glitter

My favorite lava lamp for offices. By staring at the glitters swirling up and down, you get a calming feeling that somehow eases your mind amid a stressful day at work.

3. Color Max Fireworks Print

This one is all about colors and if you seek a very noticeable option, then it will most definitely do. This type is also perfect for those who want a finely-decorated cap and base.

4. Fluidium Green

Hey color green’s lovers! Here’s a special dedication for you.

5. Picture lava lamp

You can have a picture (yours or otherwise) put on the glass part of the lava lamp.

6. Sesame Street Elmo

If you seek something that will fascinate your kids, Sesame Street might just be the lava lamp you’re looking for. It’s a pretty good option for bedrooms as well.

7. Rocket lamp

This is another model that is pretty suitable for kids. Shaped like a rocket, the lava lamp will keep your kids engaged and it will also make their bedrooms livelier.

8. Tower Lava Lamp

Looking for the most unique lava lamp? Try the tower model. It has a tall slender glass tube housing the lava. The tube sits on another tall and slender rod, and at the bottom, is the base.

9. Wizard’s hat lamp

This lamp is shaped like a wizard’s hat, thus the name.

10. Batman lamp

If you love batman, we don’t see why you shouldn’t get this one; kids especially love this model.

11. Aquarium lava lamp

Seriously, this one is cute! It appears as though the whole setup is an aquarium with cute little fish, and boy is it charming!

12. Clear Liquid and Single-color Wax

For those who love elegance, some hot one-color lava suspended in a clear liquid should be an excellent choice. Pink lava would be particularly suitable for girls.

If you need something more dynamic, perhaps a colored liquid and differently-colored lava will be appropriate.

13. Zebra print lava

Need a sophisticated design? This lava lamp’s zebra-printed cap and base should provide you with that.

ii. Incorporate some BLACK-LIGHTS

Want to get a little more creative with the décor? Consider setting up some blacklights as well. These compact fluorescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs are readily available online (especially on Amazon) and in electronics stores. And by the way, you can also get them in form of long fluorescent tubes.  

 Note: blacklights are more suitable for studios and bedrooms. You can paint the room dark so they fade away when you turn on the blacklights. That way, only the lights and the lava lamps will be visible and the sight will be simply breathtaking.

iii. Include Other Décor

  • Decoration materials that might go well with lava lamps include:
  • Candles
  • Beaded curtains
  • Peel-and-stick decals that glow in the dark
  • A zebra-printed floor – the white parts will glow when the blacklights are on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much light do lava lamps provide?

Not much. The amount of light that lava lamps emit is just enough to make them glow. They’re more like a burning piece of wood with no flame so you can’t depend on them to illuminate the room but their light is for great creating a soothing ambience.

2. Is a lava lamp safe?

Used in the right manner, a lava lamp is quite safe. Be warned though that when a lava lamp grows too hot, it can explode. How do you stop that from happening? By not letting it run for more than 10 hours straight; after 10 hours, turn off the bulb and give the lamp some time to cool down.

 Don’t keep a running lava lamp near an open flame just in case it explodes.

3. What kind of bulb should I use with a lava lamp?

In most cases, it’s recommended that you use a 15 to 40-watt bulb but the kind of bulb you use should depend on the size of the lava lamp. If you have a small 10-inch lava lamp, perhaps a small 15-watt bulb is more suitable but if your lava lamp is bigger, say a 27-inch, a 40-watt bulb might be more appropriate and effective.

Bottom Line

Lava lamps are great for decorating a room; any kind of room. You just got to select the models that suit the rest of the décor. With a couple lava lamps in there, the atmosphere becomes warmer and everything grows more interesting.

Just imagine a 27-inch lava lamp sitting on a corner somewhere in your room or office!

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