How to Ground a TV Antenna: Let’s Find Out Easy Method

Did you know that an ungrounded or badly grounded TV antenna can lead to serious damage of your property in case lightning strikes?

By grounding your TV antenna properly, you’re able to dispel the accumulation of static electricity on the antenna and the coax cable connecting it with the TV. And by the way, did you also know that the National Electrical Code requires you to ground your TV antenna?

Those are some of the reasons why grounding your TV antenna is important. Now, in this article, we shall teach you how to do it properly without much stress.

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Step-by-step guide for grounding TV antenna

Step I

Use a wrench to turn (in the anticlockwise direction) and unfasten one of the antenna mast’s nuts. You will connect the ground wire at the antenna mast, and so it would be good to also remove any protective coating like paint from that area.

Step II

On the exposed nut, curl one end of the ground wire, then use your wrench to fasten the nut. Turn it clockwise this time round. Also, use a sealant or paint to seal exposed parts of the metals so they don’t rust quickly.

Step III

In this step, you will be running the ground wire properly to the ground. To do that, use cable ties, at intervals of around 5 feet, to secure the ground wire to the mast. To make the installation more robust, you can use wire staples to secure the ground wire to your house’s side.

Step IV

Got your sledgehammer? Use it to drive the copper-coated steel grounding rod into the ground; drive it to a depth of around 3 feet so it’s firm (the deeper the better).

Step V

Here, you’re securing the grounding clamp to the grounding rod (the exposed side). Use the wrench to turn the grounding clamp’s bolts and secure it to the grounding rod.

Step VI

You’re almost done now. See the end of the grounding wire? Put that into the grounding clamp. Be sure not to insert too much slack in there.


Secure the grounding wire to the clamp by turning the clamp’s screw clockwise.

And that’s it, friends. Now let’s look at some of the common questions people ask about grounding TV antennas. You might want to go through them before you leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tv antenna grounding

1.What kind of wire should I use for grounding my TV antenna?

Solid copper will do. Be sure to link it to the house service ground using a ground clamp. 

2.What wire size do I use for grounding TV antenna?

The minimum size is 10 America Wire Gauge (AWG), which is the same as a tenth of an inch in diameter. 

3.What’s a ground plane?

A ground plane is basically a large radio signal reflecting surface, such as the earth. 

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Final Verdict

Remember, grounding your TV antenna reduces the chances of electrical blunders and the subsequent damage of property. Following the steps described above, the entire task should be a no-brainer but of course, if you’re unsure about something, you can always seek help from a professional electrician.

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