How to Connect Soundbar to Tv Without Optical Cable

How to Connect Soundbar to Tv Without Optical Cable

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of sound coming from your TV’s speaker? Then, it’s probably the perfect time to connect a soundbar to the TV.

With a good soundbar, you will get amazing sound quality and again, using a soundbar is both economical and convenient. In that regard, you won’t waste cash getting several speakers or go through the hassle of setting them up. Moreover, a soundbar consumes less space than a couple of speakers.

There are 2 major ways in which you can connect a soundbar to your TV. You can either use an optical cable to connect all the media components to the television or connect the video and audio components to the soundbar.

The former is easier than the latter, but what if you don’t have an optical cable or your TV doesn’t have an optical input? In that case, you will have to go the other way. In this article, you will learn how to connect a soundbar to your TV without an optical cable.

Let’s jump in.

Connecting the Soundbar To the TV Without Optical Cable

If your TV doesn’t have optical cable ports or you just don’t have an optical cable, then you’re going to need to use the HDMI ports. But, you got first to make certain that there’s an HDMI in port on the TV and an HDMI or ARC out port on the soundbar. Fortunately, most of the modern TVs have HDMI/ARC ports.

Making the connection is a piece of cake. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Plug in the power cords for the devices.
  2. Plug in one of the HDMI cable’s ends to the HDMI IN port on the TV and the other end into the HDMI OUT port on the soundbar. Don’t be afraid to make the connection incorrectly, as the plugs are designed in a way that you cannot make a mistake; the wrong end just won’t plug in.
  3. Press the power button on the soundbar to switch it on. You’re likely to see a welcome message.
  4. Depending on the technology degree of your TV, the audio output may or may not automatically be changed to “soundbar”. If it’s not automatically changed, you will have to use the remote to navigate the settings and select that manually.
  5. Select the audio source on the soundbar using its remote control, and you’re good to go.

Issues That You Might Have to Deal With

Although connecting your TV to the soundbar using an HDMI cable is pretty easy and convenient, you might encounter problems, but we have suggested viable solutions for you.

  • 1
    The inputs on your TV aren’t adequate to handle all the devices you need to connect

Solution: connect some of your audio outputs to the soundbar directly and others to the TV directly. This might make it confusing when you need to switch between components, but perhaps a universal remote will help. Alternatively, buy an HDMI switcher, so you have more inputs either on the TV or the soundbar.

  • 2
    TVs don’t have audio-only inputs for media streamers like Squeeze Box Touch, which you might want to hook up to the soundbar as well

Solution: use analog audio inputs from an analog AV input. Note that this won't help if you need to make a digital audio connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Can I hook up a soundbar to any TV?

As long as it’s a modern TV, we would like to believe that it’s possible to hook it up to a soundbar. That is because most modern TVs come with multiple HDMI ports.

2. What are the benefits of using HDMI over optical cable?

When you connect your TV to the soundbar using HDMI rather than an optical cable, the quality of the sound is better.

3. Why not just purchase multiple speakers?

Using a soundbar eliminates the mess presented by using many separate speakers. Moreover, it might be a more inexpensive option.

4. Should I connect the soundbar to the cable box or the TV?

Connect the soundbar to your TV’s audio output to listen to the audio coming from the TV.

Final Word

As you might have seen, hooking your TV up to the soundbar using an HDMI cable is not as hard as one would expect. So, if you don’t have an optical cable, or for some reason, you can’t make an optical-cable connection, go ahead and connect the TV to the soundbar using an HDMI cable.

And tell you what? Such a connection has lots of advantages over an optical-cable connection. For instance, it is more stable, and again, you can transmit 7.1 or more surround channels. You will also note that the fidelity of the pictures is excellent when using an HDMI connection.

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