How to Set Up Sirius In Car

How to Set Up Sirius In Car-DIY Project

If your car radio channels are boring and you’re looking for something better, perhaps the best option is internet radio, and not just any internet radio; we’re talking SiriuXM. There are many benefits of having SiriusXM radio on your car, among them the wide assortment of music and talk shows. 

This internet radio places real entertainment at the tips of your fingers. Whether you’re a fan of music, sports, or politics, Sirius has got something for you. It even gives you up-to-the-minute updates on the weather and the traffic.

But the main question today is, “How do you install SiriusXM in your car?”. Read on to discover the answer.

Step-By-Step Guide for Setting Up SiriusXM In Car

Follow these steps:

i.Plan for the installation

Choose a spot on the dashboard where you’ll position the frame. That’s the place you’ll install the vent mount.

You are going to use an adhesive pad to affix the vent mount and give it around one day to cure. In the third step, we will go deeper into installing the vent mount.

Apart from that, select the method of connection you will use for receiving the XM signal. The usual ones are:

  • Audio cable
  • FM Direct Adapter
  • Cassette Adapter
  • XM SureConnect

When doing the installation, you want to use a spot where there will be no interference with the deployment of the airbag in case of an accident.

ii.Mount the antenna

The best place for mounting the XM antenna is on the roof, as that’s where signal reception is strongest. But, you could also mount it near the rear window or the windshield.

Mounting the antenna is easy, as it’s usually magnet-based. The magnet is very strong; it sticks to metal surfaces very efficiently.

While installing the antenna, check to ensure the door isn’t pinching the cable when it’s closed.

Also, ensure the antenna cable slack isn’t interfering with the operations of the vehicle.

iii.Install the vent mount

You could use a swivel mount instead, depending on your vehicle’s interior.

We will start with the instructions for installing a swivel mount in case that’s what you prefer:

Note: The adhesive you use with the mount might make removal very difficult, and therefore, you shouldn’t do the installation on leather surfaces.

Follow this process to do the swivel mount installation:

  • Look for a flat surface where you’ll install the mount, ensuring there’s enough space for the XM frame and the stereo.
  • Use the preparation kit to clean the surface and then allow it to dry.
  • To affix the swivel mount, you’re going to use an adhesive. So, peel off its liner, then press it in place for around 40 seconds so it can be firm.
  • Remember, allow the adhesive to cure for a day before you attach the XM frame and the radio.
  • You can adjust the mount’s tension by turning the screws using a screwdriver.

And now, for those who prefer installing a vent mount:

Look for a vent whose horizontal slats are sufficiently robust to hold the XM frame and the stereo.

 Adjust the clamps so they’re fitting the vent properly and then push the mount onto the vent.

iv.Connect the radio

To do that, first connect the antenna jack with the antenna. Also, connect the XM cradle with the power adapter jack.

Next, you’re plugging the audio adapter jack into line, using the audio cable in case your car has an audio input jack. You can also use the cassette adapter in case your car has a built-in cassette player.

Put the car cradle on the mount, ensuring it’s securely in place.

Now, insert the radio (XMp3) into the cradle.

In the event that your vehicle lacks an audio input or a cassette player, you can use either an FM Direct or an XM SureConnect (you’ll need to buy these separately from the SiriusXM equipment). Here’s what they offer:

XM SureConnect – using the XM SureConnect and the car cradle’s built-in modulator for FM, you can easily listen to radio. All you got to do is look for a free FM frequency and set the radio to transmit on it.

FM Direct – this one connects the XMp3 cradle to the antenna and the vehicle’s audio system directly. The only problem with it is that the installation needs to be professionally done if the signal reception is to be excellent and if the wires are to be hidden (as opposed to visible).

 If you can’t do it professionally, ask your retailer (the one who sold you the Sirius radio equipment) for referrals.

v.Turn on the radio

Switch on the car stereo and connect the audio cable or the cassette adapter, whichever is applicable. Next, switch on the XMp3 stereo. You might a little bit of delay before it powers up.

Now, it’s time to look for an FM frequency. In case you’re transmitting the audio on FM Direct or XM SureConnect, you need to set the FM frequency on both the car stereo and the XMp3 stereo. To do it, select:

Menu → Settings → Car Settings → Frequency Finder

Once you have done that, the radio will scan for the available FM frequencies automatically, and list them.

Highlight the first frequency on the list using the control wheel and select it by pressing the XM button. You’re selecting the first frequency and tuning your car radio to it because it’s the best but if you don’t like its audio quality, you can always choose another frequency from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Where can I find my SiriusXM ID?

Press the More button on the screen or tune to channel 0. Next, choose Sirius Travel Link, and press the Sirius button. That should get your Sirius ID displayed on the screen.

2.How can I activate SiriusXM on my vehicle?

Switch on the stereo and ensure the antenna faces towards the sky. Then, select channel 1 and press the XM button. That should activate the radio in around 15 minutes.

3.Can I transfer the lifetime subscription for Sirius?

Lifetime subscriptions for portable, dock&play and portable radios are transferrable, up to 3 times. However, subscriptions associated with vehicles aren’t transferrable unless the radio was stolen.

Final Word

And that, folks, is how you set up SiriusXM radio in car. For the best reception, ensure the antenna is not obstructed. Placing it up high on the roof and ensuring it faces skywards will keep signals from getting obstructed and set reception to the optimum.

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