How to Solve a Pyraminx- Easiest Way

How to Solve a Pyraminx- Easiest Way

Looking to learn the mystery of the pyraminx?

You’re at the right place. In this post, we will walk you through how to solve the pyraminx. And, it’s not just about solving it; we shall show you how to do it quickly. By the time you’re done going through this guide (and a few days of practice maybe), you should be able to solve a pyraminx in less than a minute.

Don’t worry, we shall assume you’re a total beginner and make this guide as easy to understand as possible. We will also be focusing on the easiest, most hassle-free way to do it

What is a Pyraminx?

A pyraminx is a puzzle with a triangular shape and 4 faces with different colors.

When solving the pyraminx using the easiest method, we will be focusing its 3 basic notations – left (L), right (R), and up (U).

Assuming the left part is colored green, here are the moves you can make:

  • L – Turn the green part clockwise (toward you)
  • L' – Turn the green part counterclockwise (away from you)

Assuming green is the upper part, here are the moves you can make:

  • U – Rotate the green part clockwise
  • U' – Rotate the green part counterclockwise

If the right part is green, the moves you can make are:

  • R – Rotate the green part clockwise (away from you)
  • R' – Rotate the green part counterclockwise (toward you)

Solving the Scrambled Pyraminx

Step I

The first thing you want to figure out is what side belongs to what color. There’s a simple way of doing this.

On the pyraminx, there are 4 tip pieces – the ones on the end that can spin on their own. In this illustration, we shall start off by solving the blue side. Therefore, on your puzzle, seek out three different tips that are colored blue.

Step II

This step is a lot about common sense than strategizing. All you’ve got to do is perform a ULR move as illustrated in the notation we discussed earlier, until your puzzle looks like this:

If the blue tips are disorganized after performing the moves, you will need to twist them around so they face you once more.

Step III

Now that we have managed to solve our tips and edges, it’s about time we solved the rest of the blue face. Here’s what you need to do:

a. Place the puzzle on the table with the its blue side facing down.

b.The tips tell you what color should be in a particular face. If the bottom tips that face you are red, that means that face should be red. The same case applies to other colors.

c. Spin the pyraminx until you find a red and blue piece. If the piece is on the bottom layer, then you’ll need to take it to the layer above. Skip to stage ‘d’ if this doesn’t apply. Hold the pyraminx so that the blue side of the piece faces you and execute the move: RUR’.

d. Place the puzzle back on the table (or any flat surface for that matter).

e. Look for a side where the 2 lower tips are red; let the blue side face you. Execute U moves till the blue part of the blue and red piece faces you. If the piece happens to be on the pyraminx’s left-hand side, move onto stage f. If, however, it’s on the right-hand side, skip to stage g.

f. Perform the move: U’L’UL

g. Perform the move: URU’R’

h. Place the puzzle back on the table with its blue side facing down.

i. Seek out the green and blue piece. Note, it might be an incorrectly rotated down-layer piece. In that case, hold the puzzle such that the blue part of the green and blue piece faces you. Perform the move RUR’ to take it to the top layer.

j. Look for the green side. Remember how we do that? A side that has both lower tips being green is the green side.

k. Execute U moves till the blue part of the green and blue piece faces you. As in the case above, if this piece happens to the on the left side, move onto the next step, but if it’s on the right side, you can skip to ‘m’.

l. Do the move U’L’UL

m. Do the move URU’R’

By now, the green and blue piece should be positioned correctly.

n. Look for the yellow side. Remember how to do that? Just seek out a side that has both of its bottom tips being yellow.

o. Look for the yellow and blue piece and do U moves till the blue side of this piece faces you. As with the stages above, if it’s on the bottom layer, hold the pyraminx such that the yellow and blue faces you and move the blue side to the top layer by doing the move RUR’.

p. Again, if the blue side is on the left side, head onto the next stage but if it’s on the right side, skip to stage ‘r’.

q. Execute the move U’L’UL

r. Do the move URU’R’

At this stage, the entire blue side should be complete. Done? Great. Let’s move onto step IV.

Step IV

In this step, we shall be turning our focus to the second layer. We hope that so far, you’ve found this the easiest guide on how to solve a pyraminx on the web.
a. Place the puzzle back on the table with the blue face down. It doesn’t really matter what color faces you.
b. Do U moves till one of the three pieces at the upper layer is positioned correctly.
c. Hold the puzzle such that the solved piece lies at the back while the 2 pieces that need solving face you.
d. Do the move LR’L’RURU’R’. For some people, this move solves the puzzle, but for some of us, there’s still a couple more moves to perform.
e. Place the puzzle back on the table with its blue face down. Execute U moves till the puzzle is similar to the one below:

Feel free to twist the top till you have the colors pointing the correct direction. Now, you should have only three more pieces left that need to be orientated correctly.

Step V

a. This is the simplest step of all and if you know how to solve a standard Rubik’s cube, you should be able to recognize the moves we will talk about.
b. Place the pyraminx on the table with its blue face down. Ensure that it’s orientated like the image above.
c. In the puzzle above, we need to move the red piece counterclockwise to the position that the yellow piece occupies.
d. Hold the puzzle with any color facing you, provided blue faces downward.
e. If the pieces need a clockwise rotation to be orientated properly, perform the move RUR’URUR’.
f. If, on the other hand, they need a counterclockwise turn, execute the move L’U’LU’L’U’L.
Congratulations! Your pyraminx is now solved. 

Final Word

How did you find this guide?

Was it helpful? Your feedback will be most appreciated. Don’t forget to share this post with your pals so they too may learn how to solve the pyraminx easily and maybe you can compete against each other on speed matters.

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