Lava Lamp Cost

Lava Lamp Cost- Lets Find Out How Much Money Needs to Get It

So you want to incorporate lava lamps into your home décor? Awesome idea! The fluid motion of the unit’s colors will certainly add a soothing ambiance to your room.

There are all sorts of lava lamps especially on Amazon, and they will most definitely lighten up your home. That brings us to our main question – how much will these lava lamps cost you? Are they expensive? Read on to find out.

A Little Bit of Info

Before we examine the topic, let’s see what lava lamps are.

Also known as an astro lamp, a lava lamp is a novelty item that was invented in 63 by Edward Walker. It become very popular in the 60s and 70s but fell out in later decades. In the 90s, the lava lamp made a comeback, and ever since, many folks seem to be interested in it.

So, what is a lava lamp anyway?

The lamp is a glass vessel consisting of colored wax contained in a special translucent liquid, with which it doesn’t mix. There’s also an incandescent bulb at the base of the glass vessel.

At cooler temperatures, the colored wax in the vessel is denser than the surrounding liquid, and therefore, it settles at the bottom. However, when the bulb is turned on and the wax warms up, its density becomes lower than that of the surrounding liquid, and thus it rises to the surface.

At the surface, the temperatures are cooler; the wax grows denser and sinks to the bottom, where it once more gets heated up and rises. The cycle goes on and on until the bulb is switched off. Seeing the colored wax rising and sinking spontaneously in no particular shapes is what makes the lava lamp so interesting; it’s quite a sight!

Now – back to our main business –

How much does a lava lamp cost?

Lava lamps have varying prices, based on a few aspects, like size and the features contained. Some basic models cost as few as 10 bucks while the more advanced lava lamps go for around 100 bucks.

A small lava lamp that has no additional features goes for 10 to 20 dollars. Usually, such a lamp has a height of less than 12” and its finish is pretty much basic.

If you want a medium-sized model that has a few additional features, like glitter, it will cost you approximately 30 to 60 dollars. Such a lamp will normally have a height of 14” and the cap and base will have an eye-catching design.

A big lava lamp with many additional features and a height of almost 2 feet goes for 70 to about 100 dollars.

 Apart from the price, there are a couple more factors you ought to consider before buying a lava lamp. Let’s look at a few of them.


Virtually all lava lamps are sufficiently small to be placed on a table top, with the smallest lamps ranging around 10 inches tall and the biggest ones ranging around 2 feet tall.

If you want something that will work excellently as a nightlight or accent lamp, consider going for a small model with a height of 11 to 15 inches. A slightly bigger accent lamp with a height of up to 18 inches will also do.

 Want something that will function as your room’s focal point? The best model that will serve that purpose is one with a height of 2 feet; that size is huge enough to pull all the attention towards itself.

2.The cap and base

Below the glass part containing the wax and the translucent liquid is a base in which the incandescent bulb is housed. On top of the glass vessel is a matching cap.

Some lava lamps have aluminum caps and bases with silver colors while other lava lamps have plastic ones with colors ranging from pink and green to black and blue.

 Want your lava lamp to truly stand out? Why not get one with wild patterns on the cap and base? Rainbow or zebra stripes will make the unit seem wildly awesome.


The original model is shaped like a cone but with innovation and the rise of more manufacturers, there are all sorts of shapes from bullet-shaped and cylindrical ones to globe-shaped and rectangular lava lamps. Go for what suits your style/preference best.

4.The colors

Here comes the interesting stuff. Normally, the liquid in the glass vessel is clear but there is a wide assortment of options. You can go for lamp whose liquid is red, pink, blue, green, and so on. There are even lamps with a multiple-color liquid to make a rainbow effect when the lamp runs, and these models are breathtaking.

Apart from the color of the liquid, you can also select different shades of the wax. There is a single-color wax or a multi-color one, with the latter offering a more interesting action.

Some lava lamps feature colored lenses so that as the wax and the liquids move, the colors change, and these are able to create a stunning rainbow effect.

The additional features:

Looking for something with a unique and more interesting touch? A few extra features like glitter should be useful.

Consider a model that has glitter if you love sparkles. As light from the bulb is reflected off of the glitter, the lava lamp grows even more eye-catching.

Another super cool feature is a Bluetooth speaker. By going for a lava lamp that has this cool addition, you’re able to play the music on your PC or any Bluetooth-enabled device through the lava lamp. Isn’t that just amazing?

Imagine the rhythm of that relaxing music going with the motions of the lava lamp! Is there anything more soothing?

 Before you go, why not take a look at these valuable tips on using a lava lamp?
  • It might take an hour or more to get the liquid in the lava lamp moving after lighting the bulb, so be patient; there’s most probably nothing wrong with the lamp.
  • New lamps use lots of time to get the lava warmed up properly but as you continue using the lamp, warm-up time becomes shorter. That’s why it’s advisable to turn on a new lava lamp every day for the first few weeks. 
  • Don’t touch the glass or base of a lava lamp when the bulb is on because it might be too hot for your skin.
  • When ran for an extended duration, a lava lamp might overheat and the wax might fail to flow freely anymore. Therefore, avoid running the lamp for more than 10 consecutive hours.
  • Sunlight could fade the colors of your lava lamp, so avoid placing the lamp in direct sunlight.
  • When leaving the room for an extended duration, be sure to turn on the lamp so it doesn’t overheat.
  • Some of the substances used in a lava lamp catch flames easily so avoid placing the lamp near flames or flammable materials like paper and fabric.
  • Don’t shake or move a lava lamp while it runs, as that could lead to the wax separating and assuming a cloudy form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Is a lava lamp safe for my kids?

That depends on the lamp’s design and the tests the lamp has undergone to certify it as child-safe. The bulb should not be accessible unless with an opening tool so that it doesn’t grow hot and your kids end up touching it.

2.How much will I need to get a nice, classy lava lamp?

If you want an excellently-designed lava lamp that has unique extra features like speakers, be ready to part with about 70 to 100 dollars.

3.Where’s the best place to buy lava lamps?

Amazon, of course. There, you will be able to choose from a wide range of brands and designs, and it will be easier for you to find a lava lamp that’s suitable for your budget.

4.Can I make a lava lamp at home?

Yes, of course! All you need is water, vegetable oil, food coloring and salt or some effervescent tablets like alka seltzer. This guide should walk you through the process of creating a homemade lava lamp.

Final Word

Ready to buy a lava lamp? Head to and type “lava lamp” in the search box, then hit enter. There will be numerous results there will all sorts of lava lamp designs, brands, and prices to choose from.

Now, remember, if you’re not in a position to buy a lava lamp, you can make one at home using this method.

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