How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire

How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire?

Getting the appropriate signal from a radio station turns into a challenge while you are at a considerable distance from the station. In that case, you cannot but go through some additional procedure to ensure the comparatively better connection.

Then making FM antenna will be one of the best alternative solutions. But in this state, one new challenge will appear to you. The challenge is nothing but the making of FM antenna in hope without the help of a technician.

 You can follow several methods to make FM antenna in the home. But among them, the most prominent and easiest will be to make an FM antenna from the speaker wire. It’ll be the most economical and save your time the most. Also, provide you the maximum benefit. You can do it by following some very simple steps.

So, here I will give you some quick tips on how you can make the antenna from a speaker wire. Follow these and get the best signal in the best way.

Why do you need to make an FM Antenna from speaker wire?

FM radio receivers need an antenna to catch the FM signal that is sent from the FM radio station. Every FM station has a very weak range of supply. Usually, the range of the covered distance is about 70 miles. So, if the radio receiver is any further than that 50 Miles the FM can't reach the receiver very well. IN that case, a radio antenna is required. You can make an FM antenna out of a speaker wire also. 

Step by step direction to make the most suitable antenna from ​​​​speaker wire

Step 1 (Choosing the wire and marking in it)

At first, you need to take a ten feet length of dual speaker wire. Then mark up to the 3 feet distance. Now split the dual speaker wire and create a T shape. This means the 3 feet portion will be in perpendicular to the rest 7 feet.

Now you have to strip the 2 inch of the end of insulation layer from the wire. Now you need to connect the wire with the speaker. Now find the external connection hole if the speaker it may be labeled as “ext" or "ant." After it, you should wrap the post of the speaker and then if the speaker is clamp and hold then you should clamp and hold.

Step 2 (Connecting to the hold or clamp)

After twisting the wires together into the single wire, it is necessary to put the connection if the external antennae connection is a single post or clamp.

Step 3 (Extending the antenna for them to adjust the best suitable position)

Now I will guide you to extend the antennae. Now you have to put the receiver near a window. In the outside of the window, you have placed the wire in as much high position as possible. Now you have to extend the wires in opposite directions of the window in two different directions.

Step 4 (Getting the perfect adjustment of the receiver) 

After that, it is necessary to check the reception of the receiver. Switch the receiver on and check the signal level of the expected channels. You can relocate the wire to the opposite directional window check the available signal level if you are not satisfied with the first one. Then you should extend some end part of the wire if you still don't get the expected result.

Step 5 (adding the length for better signal)

Adding the length to the antenna lead may also be required. For that, it is very much necessary to add the length to get more signal level. To do that cut the length of the speaker wire. Separate the two wires into two different wires.

Now strip the insulation layer from one end of the any of each of the long wire. Strip one end of insulation from the antennae leads. Now twist the exposed parts of the two-different end of both the wires that means twist the exposed part of the wire to an extension to one antenna lead.

 Repeat this step on the other leaders also. Now you can extend the total length of both longer leads again. Then you may also need to support with a finishing nail if it is required.

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