how to_make a shortwave radio antenna

How to Make a Shortwave Radio Antenna: Comprehensive Guide

An Antenna is the conductor of electrical signals which transmit the signals to the receiver of the radio. So, you can easily make a shortwave radio antenna of yourself if you need. You need to know the instructions and procedure for using it just. So, you can make and use it for your daily purposes.

Things to consider before Making a Shortwave Radio Antenna

As antenna needs a conductor and you should know that most shortwave antennas can be built with a single conductor only. Also, it can be made of a wire also. And the quality of that wire never needs to be too expensive. Rather the least quality conductor can make the job for you.

One important thing that you should consider is the size of your antenna. It is something you should choose very carefully. If you use it indoor then #20 or #18 can also be enough but if you want to use it outdoor then you must at least pick the #12 or #14 size of the antenna.

 Now, these sizes are measured in gauge. One more thing, #14 means a thicker diameter and #20 is less in diameter. So, when you are using #12 you are using a very strong diameter. If you use it outdoor then pick stronger build so that it won't be hampered by the weather or any other kinds of stuff.

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This is the easiest multiband shortwave antenna to make. For this, you can pick a random length of wire pulled out from the receiver antenna to connect the insulator on the other end of the wire. It is very easily made and no requires no bells or whistles.

Never keep this antenna near a metal or a water carrying pipe so that you can keep it safe. You have to remove the insulation for adding the connector or alligator clip.


This is a much more complicated type of antenna. This antenna should have the end support and usually used for collecting major shortwave bands ranging from 90 meters to 16 meters. It needs only 4 wires and a unique antenna property called harmonics that gets 8 bands by using only these 4 wires.​

After construction, this antenna must be raised as high up as possible. And also 140 feet out of the house is the at least distance to be maintained. 

All the 4 wires are connected at one end of the material. You should scrap the coatings from the wire to bare the copper and tie ends using all the several knots if you can't solder. In this way, you can make it a much better electrical connection.


This type of antenna is used for many ham radio operators all over the world and is a very popular but the length are very much different for this type of ham bands. This entire length is attached in the middle of the span along with the middle of the conductor to one side of the antenna. Also, the shield attached to another side than at the other end to the receiver.

Attic Antennas

For putting antenna connection of the attic antenna you need to take stock of the attic’s measurements, especially the length of this antenna product type of attic antenna. This is one kind of indoor antenna system. It is 50 to 60 feet in length and 20 to 30 feet in width.

You shouldn’t care about the perfect length and just use as much as you require. It still never exists up to the point in the article. Many companies are still working on this.

Steps for making shortwave radio antenna in brief

Step-1 (Choose considerable height)

The capture of the signal of an antenna greatly depends on the height of its' from the ground. The more the height it gains, it’ll get the frequency more easily. But there is a certain limitation of the height. Around 40- 100 feet from the ground will be the perfect height for a radio antenna.

Step- 2 (Use better transformer)

Using the perfect transformer is very essential to ensure shortwave by using radio antenna. A transformer changes and transfers the signal into the phase of the wave. Without getting a suitable transformer, you never get the suitable shortwave from your radio antenna.

Step- 3 (Getting the perfect source and signal receiver)

For making the shortwave you need to have the perfect source to make the best and suitable frequency. Frequency is the precondition to make the perfect wave. Along with this, you need to have a good receiver system also, which can capture the signal from the antenna correctly.


To make the perfect setup of the antenna is a must to make a shortwave. Frequency, wavelength ant etc. are also related greatly to it. To get the perfect combinations of all of these functions can create the perfect shortwave only. In that case, this article has shown you the overall procedure of making an effective shortwave. Good luck.

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