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Rubik’s Cube Tips & Tricks-You May Be Surprised To Know These Tips

Having trouble solving the Rubik’s cube? Or, are you too slow and you want strategies to get faster?

Welcome to Entitlebooks.Com. the place where true cubers come to get inspired and learn new tricks. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most important steps you can take to get faster with the Rubik’s cube. We will also share with you tips and tricks involving the Rubik’s cube.

Ready? Let’s go.

Tip 1

Get a high-quality Rubik’s cube

Whether you’re only getting started or you’re already used to playing the cube, the truth is, if your cube is a crappy one, you’re bound to have problems. Imagine a case where you’re only getting started but then the layers are too loose and they keep slipping and making unwanted moves.

Learning can be very hard, right?

Or, imagine a case where you’re a pro cuber but the layers are too tight to put up with your speed. Disappointing, right?

A high-quality cube is one whose colors don’t fade so you have to keep double checking to make sure that’s orange and not red. It’s also one that doesn’t make annoying sounds as you play.

There are many cubes out there, under different brands, making finding the right cube for your needs a bit tricky. But, we go you covered. This article will tell you about the best Rubik’s cubes on the market today and give you lots of tips on choosing the one that fits you.

Tip 2

Practice frequently

Solving the Rubik’s cube is not something for ordinary Joe; it’s for winners like you. But how does one become a winner?

Through endless practice and persistence. We have many solution guides for you but there’s something we always tell you – you might not be able to solve the cube at first attempt.

You have to go through the guide again and again. The first time you go through the guide, not everything will make sense, but as you study it again and again, everything will start coming together and finally, you will be able to solve the cube.

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Tip 3

Learn the algorithms

Solving the Rubik’s cube by accident is almost impossible, as there are almost infinite possible combinations. That’s why the algorithms are important. An algorithm is a definite set of moves that one can use to orientate the Rubik’s cube in a certain way. For instance, folks use F R U iR iU iF to create the white cross.

The bottom line is, you need to learn and memorize as many algorithms as possible. As these algorithms go into your subconscious mind, you will get faster.

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Tip 4

Think about the next move

Guess why many people are unable to solve the cube very fast? It’s because they focus on the move they’re making rather than focusing on the next one.

Solve time is composed of 2 parts – the time the player takes to think about the move and the time they take to actually make that move. So, as you make do a certain rotation, learn to stop looking at how the cubelets are moving, and instead shift your concentration to what the next move should be.

Toward the end of each algorithm, slow down the moves so you can find the next piece easily (much like the way you slow down your car when approaching a bump).

For instance, when you’re doing the middle layer’s edges, desist from looking at the solved piece and instead concentrate on the next piece.

Tip 5

Use a single finger

You might be used to deploying all your fingers to make moves but did you know that slows you down? If you want to shorten your time, try using only one finger to make a rotation. If, for example, you’re making a U move, as in turning the upper face 90° clockwise, you can just use your index finger.

 Eventually, the moves will come naturally when you use a single finger for rotations and by the way, if you have a good cube, you can rotate any of its faces using just one finger. 

Now, let’s look at some common algorithms you can use to solve the Rubik’s cube with ease.

A List of Easy Rubik's Cube Algorithms

Perhaps you have gone through video tutorials trying to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube but found them very tricky because of the length or the boring nature of the algorithms. Here, we’re going to share with you a cheat sheet of Rubik’s cube algorithms that will make solving the cube super easy for you.

But before you go through it, there’s something you need to know. Unless you already to how to solve the Rubik’s cube, you won’t understand the methods described much. You need to at least know the basics. To learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube, go here.



Creating the white cross

F' U L' U'

Placing the cross’s corners

R' D' R D

Placing the edge of the right side

U R U' Ri U' F' U F

Placing the edge of the left side

U' L' U L U F U' F'

Creating the yellow cross

F R U R' U' F'

Solving the center pieces of the 3rd layer

R U R' U R U U R'

Solving the corner pieces of the 3rd layer

U R U' L' U R' U' L

Last moves to finish the cube

R' D' R D

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Does the type of Rubik’s cube I am using affect my speed?

Most definitely. There are ordinary Rubik’s cubes and speed cubes. The latter is ideal for those who want to improve their speed but you have to be a seasoned solver to use it, because the layers are quite loose, needing lots of control.

2.Where do I get the best Rubik’s cube?

There are different Rubik’s cube models and qualities. If you want the best Rubik’s cube that suits you, this guide should help you find one.

3.Which is the easiest Rubik’s cube solution method for a beginner?

It’s known as the layer by layer method. Check this post to learn it step by step.

Final Thoughts

 As you try out these tips and tricks for solving the Rubik’s cube, there’s one very important thing you should keep in mind – becoming an expert and being able to solve the cube super-fast is about practice. The moves described here might not work the first time you try them but with time, they will; that’s certain.

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