Speed Cube Vs Regular Cube – Ultimate Battle

Speed Cube Vs Regular Cube – Ultimate Battle

Are you a new or old cuber and don’t know which cube to get?

There’s a whole lot of cubes out there and you might get mixed up searching for the one that suits you.

The main categories when it comes to the Rubik’s cube are – the regular cube and the speed cube. In this guide, we shall scrutinize them in a bid to help you make out which one fits you best.

To help you understand the difference between the two types of cubes, we will look into each of them in a moment:

The Speed Cube

This is pretty straightforward – the speed cube is meant primarily for speed. The speed cube’s internal mechanism is quite loose, allowing you to turn the layers easily. It cuts corners and rarely gets stuck in between moves.

The speed cube’s pieces are not stickered. Rather than using stickers to give them color, the plastic they are made from is colored. So, you don’t have to worry about the stickers falling off or deteriorating in between your super-fast moves.​

If you’re looking to become a speed solver, this is the cube to get. Unfortunately, you cannot use a cube that’s stickerless at competitions presently.

There’s one notable disadvantage with the speed cube, particularly for beginners. If you’re a new cuber, you might find this cube too loose. That’s not very convenient if you’re only getting to learn how to memorize moves. Also, some speed cubes easily fall apart in between moves.

The Regular Cube

The regular cube is not meant for speed but rather ordinary solving at home. Its internal mechanism is quite tight, and the cubelets might get stuck in between moves. This cube comes with stickers that can fall out or deteriorate if you’re not gentle with the cube.

So you’re a new solver and are only getting to learn solving the cube

The regular cube is perfect for you. In case you find it’s too tight, you can just take it apart, loosen the screws a bit, and lubricate it. Check our guide on How to Lubricate a Rubik’s Cube to learn more about making it less tight.

Final Word

The regular cube and the speed cube are virtually similar – the number of squares is the same, the size is the same, and the colors are similar. However, there are critical differences. The speed cube is very loose; a perfect fit for speed cubers. The regular cube, on the other hand, is a bit stiff; a perfect fit for learners.

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