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What is CB radio? And Uses Of CB Radio

Since 1940, Citizen Band (CB) radio system has been continuously serving the people. It is one of the most reliable ways to for the radio communication of the people of the small locality. Till then, gradually the process of communication gets advanced.

By keeping pace with that, the range and communication process of CB networking system has been developed also. Especially, it has got extra popularity for its various kinds of using capability.

 This system can be operated by the local community under some specific rules from the central government. Citizens can work for both the customer and operators with Citizen Band radio system.

What are CB and its working procedure in brief

Citizen Band or CB radio system is the first step of professional radio system after the amateur's HAM radio. The communication of the CB radio is mainly distributed through a certain number of channel covering a particular area.

 All the channels have certain band number and frequency. The consumer can reach the frequency of the channel by their personal radio receiver device. In AM mode, a certain number of the channel frequency can be reached.

 These frequencies are the source of communication through the radio system. These channels, with their optimum frequency, is available in certain area coverage.

Specifications of CB radio system


The magnitude of the CB radio system is about 460 to 470 MHz. It is especially for the communication purposes of business and personal use. 


The usual frequency you'll usually find through CB radio system is 27.575 and 27.585. This frequency distribution is for the optimum coverage of the locality of an average area.


Generally, a CB radio network consists of 40 channels. All of these channels you can catch with your own radio device. Only turning on the AM mood the personal receiver radio is required.

Area Coverage:

As a customer, you can get the frequency of CB radio around 60 miles circular distance keeping the radio tower in the center. But in the certain case, the coverage area can be enhanced to significant span if necessary. Maximum up to 160 miles circular enhancement can also be possible to enhance in this way if necessary.

Uses of CB channel

RF Gain:

It is a fantastic feature which allows you to filter the CB transmission frequency. By this, you can skip the weak transmission frequency. Even make a filter to find the channel of particular frequency according to your interest. Moreover, clarify of frequency and signal is also possible through this feature. Thus, you’ll get the maximum clear signal.

ALM (Automatic Noise Limiter):

It's another gorgeous feature especially of CB radio system which will provide you a nice and larger soundtrack. The sound quality will be static and clear for a longer time. The problem caused by interference will be fully omitted. Finally, you'll get a quite noise-free sound.

Instant Channel Function:

Instant channel function is based on a quicker frequency changer system. Through this, you can gallop over the frequency of one channel to another without catching the first one. This system is very essential to make your communication secure by maintaining your privacy.

Reporting of weather:

It is the feature that can connect yourself to the local weather authority. Through this, you can get the update of the local weather report in the shortest possible of time. Especially, whether you're a motor driver, this feature will be a special asset for you.

Backlit Display:

This feature will provide you the service of a continuous navigator. Especially, while you're in driving in the dark night, this feature will turn into a reliable guide for you. With this, you can perform your driving with quitter safety without any light or view from outside.

PA function:

With the feature, any public address will be in your hand very easily. It is generally added below the hood of your car. You need to spend a few money to get this feature in your car.


CB radio system has a good variety of using the facility. For that its popularity has been increasing in every moment. Even still its invention, its popularity never gets disturbed. Whatever civil or military communication CB networking procedure is equally enhancing its appeal.

But the fact that till now there are some stages in where development should be needed. All need to do work in those phases. The otherwise total procedure of modernization will be hampered.

Civil privacy and personal private security will be one of them. Actually, it should be the subject to the topmost priority. But the reality is a bit complicated. Nevertheless, all need to be a bit more careful about this.

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